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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Perceived HIV stigmatization, HIV/AIDS cognition and personality as correlates of HIV self-disclosure among people living with HIV in Ibadan, NigeriaAdejumo, A. O.
2009Perceived role of dietary factors in cancer causation and prevention among university undergraduatesAdejumo, P. O.; Adejumo, A. O.; Anisu, D. F.
2010-12Preparing for H1n1 Flu-pandemic in Nigeria: ethical considerations for health care workersAdejumo, A. O.
2011-09Psycho-demographic factors as determinants of perceived accident vulnerability among commercial motorcyclists in two Nigerian citiesAdejumo, A. O.
2013Psychological predictors of life satisfaction among undergraduatesOladipo, S. E.; Adenaike, F. A.; Adejumo, A. O.; Ojewumi, K. O.
2011-03Relationship between psycho- demographic factors and perception of corruption by local government civil servants in Osun State, NigeriaAdejumo, A. O.; Ogbewe, C.
2010Relationship between psycho-demographic factors and civil servants’ attitude to corruption in Osun State, NigeriaAdejumo, A. O.
2007The reproductive performance of breeder cocks fed cottonseed cake-based dietsAdeyamo, G.O.; Longe, O. G.; Adejumo, A. O.
2014"Role of Sexual Risk Behaviors and Sexual Attitude in Perceived HIV Vulnerability Among Youths with Disabilities in Two Nigerian Cities"Adejumo, A. O.; Umoren, A. M.
2011-06Social support, social maladjustment, and psychological wellbeing as determinants of psychopathic deviance among civil servants in Akure, NigeriaAdejumo, A. O.
2008Socio-cultural factors influencing consent for research in Nigeria: lessons from Pfizer’s trovan clinical trialAdejumo, A. O.
2009-06Theatre personnel’s perception of operating room resource allocationAdejumo, A. O.; Adejumo, P. O.
2014Theoretical, physiological and socio-psychological perspectives of woundAdejumo, A. O.