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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Effect of alcohol on health and academic performance of a selected secondary students in IbadanAsagba, R.B.; Talabi, S.A.
2014Gender based violence: a Nigeria experienceAsagba, R.B.
2005IFE PsychologIAAsagba, R.B.
2013The importance of logotherapy in African cultureAsagba, R.B.
2013In Nigeria: call for logotherapy relevant courses on death issuesAsagba, R.B.
2005Inner meaning fulfilment along differences in age, ethnicity, and educational background of the University Of Ibadan studentsAsagba, R.B.
2009Logotherapeutic management of persons with substance abuse/dependenceAsagba, R.B.
2008The logotherapist view of xenophobia and violence in south africaAsagba, R.B.
1993Logotherapy’s knowledge and wisdomAsagba, R.B.
2016Meaning in life and life orientation as predictors of self-esteem among first-year undergraduate students of a Nigerian universityAsagba, R.B.; Agberotimi, S. F.; Wimberly, C.
2014The prevalence of sexual assault and the need for preventive measure in NigeriaAsagba, R.B.
2016Psychosocial predictors of drug involvement among secondary school studentsAsagba, R.B.; Chovwen, C. O.; Alarape, A.I.; Agberotimi, S. F.
1996The pursuit of democracy in NigeriaAsagba, R.B.
2006Reliability and validity of logotest among Nigerian populationAsagba, R.B.
2009The role of psychosocial factors on perceived impact of oil 'scrambling' in the Niger-delta: a community's experienceChovwen, C. O.; Asagba, R.B.; Alarape, A. I.
2003Self esteem, life satisfaction, stressfull life event as correlates of inner meaning fulfilment among students University of IbadanAsagba, R.B.; Nwagu, H.O.
2007Sex,marital status and family setting variables on inner meaning fulfillment among students of the University of IbadanAsagba, R.B.
2012Socio-demographic characteristics and personality profiles of patients with substance use disordersAsagba, R.B.
2016The use of logotherapeutic techniques in the identification and intervention stages of treatment with persons with substance use disorderAsagba, R.B.; Marshall, M.