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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06An African perspective on gender and adjustment issues in firms' entrepreneurial orientationEkore, J. O.
2014-01Career interest survey of secondary school students in Niger-delta region of NigeriaEkore, J. O.
2013Co-morbidity of alcohol and psychiatric problems: impaired moral-ethical self as sources of irrational beliefs among custodial patients0ttu, I. F. A.; Afolabi, A. B.; Ekore, J. O.; Osinowo, H.
2008-11Dietary management of diabetes: a practical approach for primary care physicians in NigeriaEkore, R. I.; Ajayi, .I O.; Ekore, J. O.
2013-12Dispositional and situational factors predicting psychological adjustment among fresh students (JAMBITES) in universitiesEkore, J. O.
2014-01Dispositional factors in adjustment among cadets of Nigerian military academyEkore, J. O.; Atafo, D. O.
2012Entrepreneurial opportunities: questions and lessons for entrepreneurial adjustmentEkore, J. O.
2010An exploratory study of the costs of job insecurity in NigeriaProbst, T. M.; Ekore, J. O.
2014Gender differences and entrepreneurial factors in psychological adjustment during organizational restructuringEkore, J. O.
2012Gender differences in perception of sexual harassment among university studentsEkore, J. O.
2001-07Impact of personality and structural design on job satisfaction among bank workersEkore, J. O.; Balogun, S. K.; Tamen, F
2001-09Influence of locus of control on conformity to authority in a multicultural organisation: a case of iita nigeriaEkore, J. O.
2007Influence of sex-role expectations on perceived work performance among employees in multinational corporations in NigeriaEkore, J. O.
2014-06Job satisfaction and gender differences in university employees' attitude toward labour unionEkore, J. O.
2008-04Job status differences in employees' judgment of organisatiqnal restructuring policy effectivenessEkore, J. O.
2010-10-29Knowledge of and attitude to foot care amongst type 2 diabetes patients attending a university-based primary care clinic in NigeriaEkore, R. I; Ajayi, I. O.; Arije, A.; Ekore, J. O.
2013Machiavellian personality dimensions and work ethics among bank employees in NigeriaEkore, J. O.
2005Personality in perspectiveEkore, J. O.
2005-04The place of human resources in NEPAD objectivesEkore, J. O.
1999Psychological aspects of deathTamen, F. I.; Taiwo, A. O.; Ekore, J. O.; Edewor, D.; Ojo, S.; Ojedokun, O.