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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1991Nigerians coping with stress: age, sex and religious variationsEmeke, E. A.
1978An overview of the psychological theories of career development and choiceEmeke, E. A.
1995The population of mentally disadvantaged in Nigeria: health and development programmeEmeke, E. A.; Yoloye, T. W.
2005Prevalence of smoking behaviour among adolescents in Ibadan South-East local government, NigeriaEmeke, E. A.; Adegoke, B. A.
Jan-1989Problems and constraints facing women managers in NigeriaEmeke, E. A.
1997Promoting adolescent reproductive health: role of NGOS, parental care & sex educationEmeke, E. A.
-Psycho-social determinants of success in sports: the win-at-all-cost mentalityEmeke, E. A.
2002Psychological adjustment in the stepchild-stepparent relationshipEmeke, E. A.
Jan-1998Psychological considerations in the education of Nigerian womenEmeke, E. A.
1999Psychological dimensions of continuous assessment implementation on teachers and students in secondary schools in Oyo stateEmeke, E. A.
Apr-2013Psychology in evaluation and evaluation in psychology: the experiences of a counsellor-evaluatorEmeke, E. A.
-Relationship between enjoyment of peer acceptance and study habits among adolescents in some schools in Oyo State, NigeriaEmeke, E. A.
1984Relationships between personal problems and study habits of Nigerian adolescentsEmeke, E. A.
Mar-1997Report of the counselling psychology technical consultant on arresting high female drop-out rate in primary schools in Ondo/ Ekiti StatesEmeke, E. A.
2002The role of intelligence in mastery learningEmeke, E. A.
2004The roles of guidance councellors in continuous assessment implementation in selected secondary schoolsEmeke, E. A.
2006Stress sndrome: cause, symptoms and coping strategiesEmeke, E. A.
2007Students' perception of their teachers' teaching effectiveness: a needed component in teaching for excellenceEmeke, E. A.
1996The teacher as curriculum developer and evaluatorEmeke, E. A.
Dec-2003Teacher factors as determinants of achievement in Integrated ScienceEmeke, E. A.