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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Motivational practices as correlates of teachers' task performance in Oyo stateOkwilagwe, E. A.; Okunogbe, M. A.
Jul-2011Motivational strategies as correlates of senior secondary school geography students' achievementOkwilagwe, E. A.
Nov-2002Nigerian students' perceptions of academic departments as a teaching and learning environmentOkwilagwe, E. A.
Jan-2011Nigerian students' preceived challenges in the provision of qualitative secondary education in the 21st Century.Okwilagwe, E. A.
Jul-2009Non-cognitive predictors of undergraduates' attitudes to academic work in Nigerian universitiesOkwilagwe, E. A.
Dec-2002Patterns of undergraduates' attitude to academic workOkwilagwe, E. A.
Jun-2011Perception and pattern of parental involvement in basic education provision in Ogun State, Nigeria.Okwilagwe, E. A.; Aderibigbe, O. M.
2003Quality assurance of teaching and learning process of the UBE primary education through effective monitoring and evaluationOkwilagwe, E. A.
1999Selection mechanisms for admission to university education in NigeriaOkwilagwe, E. A.
2008Some teacher and vocational variables as correlates of attitudes to social studies teaching at the basic education level in southern NigeriaFalaye, F. V; Okwilagwe, E. A.
2013Stakeholders' characteristics as correlates of their perception of strategies for reducing early pregnancy among secondary school student in delta south and central senatorial districts.Okwilagwe, E. A.; Oyeha, L. P.
2011Standard setting; innovative methods for objectivity in tests and performance evaluation in public examinationsOkwilagwe, E. A.
Jan-2011Students' evaluation of social studies teachers' effectiveness in selected junior secondary schools in Oyo StateOkwilagwe, E. A.; Samuel, E. O.
2005Teachers' instruction and evaluation needs in imparting basic social studies knowledge at the primary school level: implications for teacher trainingOkwilagwe, E. A.; Falaye, F. V.
2007Teachers' perception of self-employment efforts among tertaiary institutions graduates in Cross River state of NigeriaOkwilagwe, E. A.; Oyedepo, J. A.
2011Teaching and learning secondary school geography in NigeriaOkwilagwe, E. A.
Dec-2004Undergraduate students' perceived academic environmental characteristics as correlates of learning outcomesOkwilagwe, E. A.
2010Whole school evaluation as imperative for total quality management in school evaluation programmeOkwilagwe, E. A.