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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Changes in Attitudes towards mental illness after exposure to a course in abnormal psychology among students of a Nigerian UniversityOlley, B. O.
2008Child sexual abuse, harmful alcohol use and age as determinants of sexual risk behaviours among freshmen in a Nigerian UniversityOlley, B. O.
2005Community study of knowledge of and attitude to mental illness in NigeriaGureje, O.; Lasebikan, V. O.; Ephraim-Oluwanuga, O.; Olley, B. O.; Kola, L.
2003A comparative study of burnout syndrome among health professionals in a Nigerian teaching hospitalOlley, B. O.
2015-06Date fighting and sexual risk behaviours among adolescents attending public schools in Ibadan, NigeriaOlley, B. O.
2008-11Depression and disability: comparisons with common physical conditions in the Ibadan study of agingGureje, O.; Ademola, A.; Olley, B. O.
2008Determinants of quality of life of elderly Nigerians: results from the Ibadan study of ageingGureje, O; Kola, L.; Afolabi, E.; Olley, B. O.
2005Determinants of unprotected sex among HIV-positive patients in South AfricaOlley, B. O.; Seedat, S.; Gxamza, F.; Reuter, H.; Stein, D. J.
2001-07Differences In Knowledge About Hiv/ Aids And Perceived Exposure To Risk Between Physicians And Nurses In Ibadan NigeriaOlley, B. O.
2003Evaluation of the effect of cognitive therapy on perioperative anxiety and depression among Nigerian surgical patientsOsinowo, H.O.; Olley, B. O.; Adejumo, A. O.
2003-12Evaluation of the effect of cognitive therapy on perioperative anxiety and depression among Nigerian surgical patientsOsinnowo, H. O.; Olley, B. O.; Adejumo, A. O.
2003-04Gender differences in condom use behaviour among students in a Nigerian universityOlley, B. O.; Rotimi, O. J.
2004-04HIV/AIDS in Africa - a role for the mental health practioner?Stein, D. J.; Seedat, S; Emsley, R. A; Olley, B. O.
2006Improving well-being through psycho-education among voluntary counseling and testing seekers in Nigeria: A controlled outcome studyOlley, B. O.
2003Investigating attitudes towards caring for peo.ple with HIV/AIDS among hospital care workers in Ibadan, Nigeria: the role of self-efficacyOlley, B. O.
2007Is dried paw-paw leaf a psychoactive substance?Olley, B. O.
2010-10Motivational counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy could reduce nicotine dependence risk among Nigerian adolescentsImhonde, H. O.; Olley, B. O.
2014Perceived social support and emotional exhaustion in HIV/AIDS counsellingAbikoye, G. E.; Olley, B. O.
2001-03Perceived stifma: prevalence and related factors among clinically diagnosed Nigerian individuals with epilepsyOlley, B. O.
1997Perceived Stress Factors and Coping Mechanisms among Mothers of Children with Sickle Cell Disease in Western NigeriaOlley, L. B.; Brieger, W. R.; Olley, B. O.