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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Computer-mediated communication and the investigative journalistOlorunyomi, S.
2011Conceptualising continuity and shifts in the African and the black diaspora performance traditionsOlorunyomi, S.
2013The dialectic of orality and ideology in Wole Soyinka's Idanre and Ogun AbibimanOlorunyomi, S.
2008Duro Ladipo thunder-god on stageRaji-Oyelade, R.; Olorunyomi, S.; Duro-Ladipo, A.
2001Essence of soundscapeOlorunyomi, S.
2012Fagunwa, Daniel OlorunfemiOlorunyomi, S.
2001Fela and songs of the leashOlorunyomi, S.
1996Fela Anikulapo-Kuti: performance as African carnivalesque aestheticsOlorunyomi, S.
2002-05Fela as a conscious musical calibanOlorunyomi, S.
1997-10Fela: death and the king hornsmanOlorunyomi, S.
2013FelAfrobeat index: afrobeat through highlife in Nigerian newspapers and magazines, 1959-1979Olorunyomi, S.
2013Halals and harams of aesthetic performance as cultural early warning system: field notesOlorunyomi, S.
1996Just before the blackout: a reconstruction of the last hours of Ken Saro-Wiwa, and eight other MOSOP activistsOlorunyomi, S.
2011Lace fashion as heteroglossia in the Nigerian Yoruba cultural imaginaryOlorunyomi, S.
1996No woman no mask: ki-yi m’bock and the recommendation of a gendered dramaOlorunyomi, S.
1998Not yet the hour of signsOlorunyomi, S.
2013Of the classical, achaism and context in masterpiecesOlorunyomi, S.
2003On whose side are the (Orisa) Gods?Olorunyomi, S.
2016-12Sunny Ade performs sacred-profane in the Ogun mythosphereOlorunyomi, S.
2006That mutant called "text"Olorunyomi, S.