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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The dialectic of orality and ideology in Wole Soyinka's Idanre and Ogun AbibimanOlorunyomi, S.
2008Duro Ladipo thunder-god on stageRaji-Oyelade, R.; Olorunyomi, S.; Duro-Ladipo, A.
2001Essence of soundscapeOlorunyomi, S.
2012Fagunwa, Daniel OlorunfemiOlorunyomi, S.
2001Fela and songs of the leashOlorunyomi, S.
1996Fela Anikulapo-Kuti: performance as African carnivalesque aestheticsOlorunyomi, S.
2002-05Fela as a conscious musical calibanOlorunyomi, S.
1997-10Fela: death and the king hornsmanOlorunyomi, S.
2013FelAfrobeat index: afrobeat through highlife in Nigerian newspapers and magazines, 1959-1979Olorunyomi, S.
2013Halals and harams of aesthetic performance as cultural early warning system: field notesOlorunyomi, S.
1996Just before the blackout: a reconstruction of the last hours of Ken Saro-Wiwa, and eight other MOSOP activistsOlorunyomi, S.
2011Lace fashion as heteroglossia in the Nigerian Yoruba cultural imaginaryOlorunyomi, S.
1996No woman no mask: ki-yi m’bock and the recommendation of a gendered dramaOlorunyomi, S.
1998Not yet the hour of signsOlorunyomi, S.
2013Of the classical, achaism and context in masterpiecesOlorunyomi, S.
2003On whose side are the (Orisa) Gods?Olorunyomi, S.
2016-12Sunny Ade performs sacred-profane in the Ogun mythosphereOlorunyomi, S.
2006That mutant called "text"Olorunyomi, S.
1996Theatre in the Niger valleysOlorunyomi, S.
2003What is contemporary African danceOlorunyomi, S.