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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-09Antimicrobial activity of ocimum gratissimum extract on Suya (an intermediate moisture meat) in NigeriaOlusola, O. O.; Oyadeyi, O. S.; Omojola, A. B.
2014Antimicrobial activity of ocimum gratissimum extract on suya (an intermediate moisture meat) in NigeriaOlusola, O. O.; Oyadeyi, O. S.; Omojola, A. B.; Olugbemi, T. S.
2015-03Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of African nutmeg, pepper and black pepper extract on the quality and shelf-life of chicken nuggetsHaruna, M. H.; Olusola, O. O.; Olugbemi, T. S.
2018Assessment of quail meat nuggets prepared with ocimum gratissimum extractOlusola, O. O.
2013-09Chemical analysis and consumer preference of selected poultry egg types in Zaria, NigeriaOlugbemi, T. S.; Sule, A.; Orunmuyi, M.; Daudu, O. M.; Olusola, O. O.
2017Comparative assessment of beef, chevon and mutton biltong cured with ocimum gratissimum pasteOyadeyi, O. S.; Oyinlola, O. O.; Olusola, O. O.
2018-03Consumer perception of chicken meat from broilers fed natural pigment sourcesOlusola, O. O.; Adeshola, A. T.; Oshibanjo, O. D.; Balogun, I. O.
2014-07Development and quality evaluation of danbunama (meat floss) - a Nigerian shredded meat productOmojola, A. B.; Kassim, O. R.; Olusola, O. O.; Adeniji, P. O.; Aremo, J. O.
2016-03Effect of onion extract on microbial and sensory evaluation of fried broiler meat during refrigerated storageTella, A. K.; Olusola, O. O.; Oshibanjo, D. O.
2016Effect of rigor state and curing temperature on the processed yield and physicochemical properties of broiler meatHaruna, M. H.; Olusola, O. O.; Olugbemi, T. S.; Ayo, T. S.; Umar, U. A.
2015-03Effect of two cooking methods and temperature on oxidation and microbiological properties of breakfast sausageOlusola, O. O.; Oshibanjo, D. O.; Oladipupo, C. O.; Aremu, R. O.
2014Effect of varying stocking densities and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supplementation on growth performance of Japanese quailsOlugbemi, T. S.; Olusola, O. O.; Friday, T. S.
2017Effects of cymbopogon citratus extract on quality of chevon patties during storageOyesanwen, A. T.; Olusola, O. O.
2008Effects of varying levels of lemon juice on the palatability and shelf stability of queso-blanco cheeseOlusola, O. O.; Oyadeyi, O. S.; Omojola, A. B.
2010-03Morphometric and carcass quality of chinchilla rabbits slaughtered at defined ageOmojola, A. B.; Olusola, O. O.; Ajewole, B. T.
2012Nutritive and Organoleptic characteristics of kilishi as affected by meat type and ingredient formulationOlusola, O. O.; Okubanjo, A. O.; Omojola, A. B.
2013An overview of herbs, spices, and plant extracts used as seasonings in food and meat processingOlusola, O. O.
2014-07Performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chicken fed soybean and sesame/soybean based diets supplemented with or without microbial phytaseOmojola, A. B.; Otunla, T. A.; Olusola, O. O.; Adebiyi, O. A.; Ologhobo, A. D.
2012-03Performance and carcass traits of broilers fed ‘wood ash digested maize cobs’ based diets fortified with grandizymeOyadeyi, O. S.; Olusola, O. O.; Olaniyan, O. O.; Adebiyi, O. A.
2018-06Performance and meat quality attributes of broiler chickens fed onion skin extract and onion skin meal supplemented diets at the finisher stageOlusola, O. O.; Tella, A. K.; Olasunkanmi, A. A.