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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-05Breast and cervical cancers awareness and screening practices among rural women in Ona-ara Local government area, Ibadan, NigeriaAjayi, I. O.; Onibokun, A. C.; Soyannwo, O. A.
2012-11Breast cancer knowledge and screening practices among women in selected rural communities of NigeriaOlowokere, A. E.; Onibokun, A. C.; Oluwatosin, O. A.
2000-06Effective communication skillsOnibokun, A. C.
2011-12Factors influencing initiation of antenatal care in Ibadan, NigeriaOluwatosin, O. A.; Aluko, J. O.; Onibokun, A. C.
2002Integrating nursing into national cancer control programs: prevention and early detection - the Nigeria experienceOnibokun, A. C.
2014-06Knowledge and practice of breast self-examination among nursing and midwifery students in Ibadan, NigeriaHammed, S. K.; Aluko, J. O.; Onibokun, A. C.; Adejumo, P. O.
2014-06Nurses’ knowledge and reported practice of palliative and end- of-life care nursing at the university college hospital, Ibadan, NigeriaOnibokun, A. C.
2010-04Palliative care needs evaluation in untreated patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in Ibadan, NigeriaOtegbayo, J. A.; Onibokun, A. C.; Aikpokpo, V. N.; Soyannwo, O. A.
2011Patterns of psychoactive substance use among two-wheel commercial riders in Maiduguri, Borno state, NigeriaAliyu, U.; Oladele, E. O.; Adejomo, P. O.; Onibokun, A. C.
2013-12Preparing nurses for the 21st century: re-envisioning nursing education and practice in NigeriaOnibokun, A. C.
1995-11Psychotherapy in Africa: experience of the group psycho-educational support programme at Ibadan - a preliminary reportOnibokun, A. C.; Ohaeri, J. U.; Campbell, O. B.; Adenipekun, A. A
2004-09Stressors and counseling needs of undergraduate nursing students in Ibadan, NigeriaOmigbodun, O. O.; Onibokun, A. C.; Yusuf, B. O.; Odukogbe, A. A.; Omigbodun, A. O.
2012-06Women’s health beliefs and breast cancer screening practices in NigeriaOlowokere, A.; Onibokun, A. C.; Irinoye, O.