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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Distance learners' time management and learning effectivenessOnuka, A. O. U.
Dec-2010The effect of formative test, individual assignment and group assignment on students' achievement in junior secondary school mathematicsOnuka, A. O. U.; Onabamiro, A. T.
2012Effect of manpower development on workers' job performanceOnuka, A. O. U.; Ajayi, K. O.
2013Effective and creative teaching of business/commercial secondary schoolsOnuka, A. O. U.; Durowoju, E. O.; Ogbebor, C. U.
Jul-2012Effective classroom management as determinants of students' achievement in economics in public secondary schools in Ibadan, Oyo stateDurowoju, E. O.; Onuka, A. O. U.
Feb-2008Effective time management for teaching effectivenessOnuka, A. O. U.; Onyene, V.; Junaid, I. O
2012The effectiveness of Frsc public education programme on drivers' road traffic habit in Lagos and Oyo state of NigeriaOnuka, A. O. U.; Akinyemi, T. F.
2012Essential ingredients of effective managementOnuka, A. O. U.; Durowoju, E. O.
2012Evaluation and research communicationOnuka, A. O. U.; Durowoju, E. O.
2006Evaluation as a feed back and accountability mechanism: the theory and a trailOnuka, A. O. U.
Jul-2008An evaluation of parents' patronage of private primary schools in Abeokuta, NigeriaOnuka, A. O. U.; Arowojolu, A. F.
2004Examination malpractice and ACT 33 of 1999Onuka, A. O. U.; Amoo, S. A.
2013Examination malpractice in Nigeria: The role of information and communication TechnologyOnuka, A. O. U.
2011Facilitating effective management of classroom learning in Nigerian schoolOnuka, A. O. U.; Isah, E. A.
Mar-2004Feedback as a poor performance remediationOnuka, A. O. U.; Oludipe, B. P.
2010Feedback mechanism in open and distance learningOnuka, A. O. U.
Jun-2007Funding the Nigerian university education: the role of the various stakeholdersOnuka, A. O. U.
2012The imperatives of trans-national approach to reforming educational assessment for African regional developmentOnuka, A. O. U.
Jan-2012Improving educational research for national developmentOyebola, A. J.; Onuka, A. O. U.
2007Influence of feedback mechanism on students' performance in economics in Kogi state, NigeriaOnuka, A. O. U.; Junaid, I. O.