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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Determination of prevalence, risk factors and patterns of hearing loss among the elderly with hypertension in Ibadan, Oyo state, NigeriaOkonkwo, P. E.; Osisanya, A.
2016Education of learners with special needsMoronkola, O. A.; Osisanya, A.; Lazarus, K. U.; Ademokoya, J. A.
2016Effect of auditory training and aided language stimulation on speech perception of children with hearing loss in Ibadan, Oyo State, NigeriaOsisanya, A.; Afolabi, M. C.
2020-06Effect of auditory training and speech reading on speech discrimination ability of children with hearing loss in Ibadan, Oyo State, NigeriaUnuofin, P. E.; Osisanya, A.
2020-07Effect of cooperative learning and peer tutoring on performance in biology among students with hearing impairment in Ibadan, Oyo State, NigeriaChinaka, A. F.; Osisanya, A.
2015Effective management of students with auditory processing disorders (APD) in the classroom setting: essential hints for the teachers and school administratorsOsisanya, A.; Adewunmi, A.
2012-09Effectiveness of melodic intonation therapy in the management of communication difficulty of pupils with non-fluent aphasia in the classroom settingOsisanya, A.
2017Effects of auditory integrationtraining and acoupedic therapy on word recognition of children with hearing impairmentOsisanya, A.; Adeniyi, S. O.; Olubukola, F. O.
2017-06Effects of industrial noise pollution on the auditory performance and health status of industrial workers in Oluyole industrial estate, Ibadan, NigeriaFada, P. O.; Osisanya, A.
2018-02Effects of injectable aminoglycosides on the auditory performance of individuals with drug resistant tuberculosis in Osun State, NigeriaOsisanya, A.; Adekola, A.; Fada, P. O.
2014-10Evaluation of auditory performance of the aged on speech discrimination skills in south-west, NigeriaOsisanya, A.
2012-02Evaluation of receptive and expressive language skills of children with language impairment in Lagos State, NigeriaAbiodun, K.; Osisanya, A.; Bamigboye, G.
2017Evidence-based interventions of dichotic listening training, compensatory strategies and combined therapies in managing pupils with auditory processing disordersOsisanya, A.; Adewunmi, A.
2017Incidence and patterns of hearing loss associated with the consistent use of mobile telephone among adolescents in Ibadan, NigeriaLawal, A. O.; Osisanya, A.
2014-07Influence of early intervention programmes on the language development of pupils with hearing impairment in Ilorin, Kwara State, NigeriaOsisanya, A.; Ahmodu, M. A.
2019Justification for teaching specialised subjects and different languages to persons with special needs in the school settingOsisanya, A.
2013Manifestations of dyslexia and dyscalculiaOsisanya, A.; Lazarus, K.; Adewunmi, A.
2014Occupational exposure to noise and patterns of hearing threshold among factory workers in Ibadan NigeriaOsisanya, A.; Oyewumi, A.; Sunmonu, M.
2020Parenting styles and socio-economic status as predictors of social adjustment of children with autism in Ibadan, Oyo state, NigeriaMbah, V. I.; Osisanya, A.
2013Patterns of hearing loss associated with bomb blastsOsisanya, A.; Ojetoyinbo, A. A.