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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Feed intake, digestibility and nitrogen balance of West African dwarf goats fed maize offal and sorghum brewer's grainsOlorunnisomo, O. A.; Ososanya, T. O.
2017Feed intake, nutrient utilization and growth performance of West African Dwarf rams fed silage combinations of maize forage and mucuna pruriens foliageAlabi, B. O.; Ososanya, T. O.
2005Forage yield and nutritive value of sweet potato vines cut at different intervalsOlorunnisomo, O. A.; Odedire, J. A.; Ososanya, T. O.
2017Growth and semen characteristics of West African dwarf rams fed ammonium sulphate supplemented dietsOsosanya, T. O.; Adeniji, S. A.; Aree, O. S.
2006-10Growth haematology and organ histopathology in broilers fed raw and processed velvet bean-based dietsIyayi, E. A.; Ososanya, T. O.; Taiwo, V. O.; Adeniji, O. A.
2016Growth performance and blood profile of gestating wad ewes fed dietary supplementation of ammonium sulphateOsosanya, T. O.; Inyang, U. A.; Shehu, S. A.
2010Haematological evaluation of pregnant ewes fed broiler-litter based dietsOsosanya, T. O.
2015Haematology parameters of West African dwarf rams fed velvet bean (mucuna pruriens) ensiled with whole maize stoverAlabi, B. O.; Ososanya, T. O.
2014-09Homogenisation of milk and its effect on sensory and physico-chemical properties of yoghurtOlorunnisomo, O. A.; Ososanya, T. O.; Adedeji, O. Y.
2017In vitro gas production and dry matter degradability of cassava top and maize stover mixture ensiled with albizia saman podsSaliu, L. O.; Ososanya, T. O.
2009In vitro gas production assessment of concentrate diet containing ginger rhizome meal at varying levelsOsosanya, T. O.; Adeniji, S. A.
2015Influence of ensiled pineapple waste on microbial population and fermentation in the rumen of West African Dwarf ramsOsosanya, T. O.; Jimoh, F. A.
2016Influence of processed neem fruit and yeast mixtures on performance and digestibility of West African Dwarf sheepOsosanya, T. O.; Adewumi, M. K.; Arowolo, M. A.
2015Influence of stabilizers on composition, sensory properties and microbial load of yoghurt made from zebu milkOlorunnisomo, O. A.; Ososanya, T. O.; Adedeji, A. Y.
2014Influence of water-washed neem fruits (azardirachta indica A. juss) on heamatology and serum biochemical indices of West African dwarf sheepOsosanya, T. O.; Adewumi, M. K.; Faniyi, T. O.
2013-05Intake, nutrient digestibility and rumen ecology of West African dwarf sheep fed palm kernel oil and wheat offal supplemented dietsOsosanya, T. O.; Odubola, O. T.; Shuaib-Rahim, A.
2013Nutrient digestibility and rumen fermentation of dried cassava peels and brewers dried grains based diets by West African Dwarf (WAD) sheepOsosanya, T. O.; Inyang, A. U.
2016Nutrient utilization, ruminal microbial population and fermentation characteristics of West African Dwarf (WAD) rams fed ammonium sulphate fortified dietsAkinlade, A. T.; Ososanya, T. O.
2005Nutritive evaluation and dry matter degradability of broiler litter based diets in West African dwarf sheepOsosanya, T. O.; Olorunnisomo, O. A.; Odedire, J. A.
2017Nutritive evaluation of differently processed mucuna seeds for ruminantsOsosanya, T. O.; Inyang, U. A.