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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1996Adolescent girl, commercial sex workers and HIV-AIDS awarenessEmeke, E. A.
1995An appraisal of medical institutions and medical professionals in NigeriaEmeke, E. A.
2004Appraising survival of primary education- a task for allEmeke, E. A.
2000Appraising the role of reproductive health, family planning, maternal and child care in the context of population stablization in AfricaEmeke, E. A.
Sep-2004The boy-child school drop-out problem in Nigeria: strategic analysis and priorities for intervention.Uwakwe, C. B. U.; Emeke, E. A.
1992Cognitive change procedure in resolving test anxiety in studentsEmeke, E. A.; Yoloye, T. W.
2005Combating boys' drop-out rate in Nigeria: an evaluation of strategies that workEmeke, E. A.; Adegoke, B. A.
-Cordaid's plan for funding of civil societies in Nigeria: strategic analysis and priorites for interventionEmeke, E. A.; Aransiola, J. O.
1992Current research trends in the teaching and learning of science: implications for secondary school teachersYoloye, T. W.; Emeke, E. A.
Dec-2006Determinant of students' cognitive achievement in senior secondary school physics: how important is test response mode?Emeke, E. A.; Adegoke, B. A.
Jul-2006Effect of indirect and direct teacher influence on dependent-prone students learning outcomes in geometryEmeke, E. A.; Adegoke, A. B.
Apr-2002The effect of water, environmental sanitation(WES) and hygiene on girls' education in NigeriaEmeke, E. A.
2004Evaluation of teachers' knowledge of the objectives of the Nigerian integrated science programme and implementation strategies: implications for pedagogical practicesEmeke, E. A.; Odetoyinbo, B. B.
2006An evaluation of the Distance Learning Programme of the University of IbadanAyodele, S. O.; Araromi, M. A.; Emeke, E. A.; Adegbile, J. A.
1999Global view of activities of UNICEF on child survival, protection and developmentEmeke, E. A.
Dec-1995Humility in religion and psychologyEmeke, E. A.
2001Impact of cost recovery on quality, access and utilization of education servicesEmeke, E. A.
-The interaction effects of test response mode, students' numerical ability and gender on cognitive achievement in senior secondary school physicsEmeke, E. A.; Adegoke, B. A.
Jan-2000An investigation into the effect of locus of control on the adjustment of foreign students at University of Ibadan, Ibadan, NigeriaEmeke, E. A.; Yoloye, T. W.
2006Locus of control, self-concept and emotional intelligence as correlates of academic achievement among adolescents in senior secondary schools in Oyo StateEmeke, E. A.; Adeoye, H. A.; Torubeli, V. A.