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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Taxa composition, abundance, distribution and diversity of the planktonic organisms of River Ogunpa, Ibadan, NigeriaAtobatele, O. E.; Ugwumba, O. A.; Morenikeji, O. A.
1996The teacher as curriculum developer and evaluatorEmeke, E. A.
Dec-2003Teacher factors as determinants of achievement in Integrated ScienceEmeke, E. A.
Jan-2007Teacher-initiated student-peer assessment: a means of improving learning-assessment in large classesOnuka, A. O. U.
2011Teacher-student and parent-child relationships as determinants of academic achievement in senior secondary school commerce in Ibadan, Oyo stateOnuka, A. O. U.; Durowoju, E. O.
2005Teachers' instruction and evaluation needs in imparting basic social studies knowledge at the primary school level: implications for teacher trainingOkwilagwe, E. A.; Falaye, F. V.
2007Teachers' perception of self-employment efforts among tertaiary institutions graduates in Cross River state of NigeriaOkwilagwe, E. A.; Oyedepo, J. A.
2011Teaching and learning secondary school geography in NigeriaOkwilagwe, E. A.
Dec-2000Teaching reading comprehension with advance organizer: criteria for the evaluation of teacher performanceAdegbile, J. A.
2002A technical and economic evaluation of the electricity generation and distribution system in NigeriaDiji, C. J.
20-Nov-2014"Technology" in Ibadan, Nigeria: revisiting the original design conceptsOfi, O.
2007Temperature fluctuations within and outside a silo with treated termite mound clay as construction materialMijinyawa, Y.; Lucas, E. B.; Adegunloye, F. O.
Jul-2007Termite mound clay as material for grain silo constructionMijinyawa, Y.; Lucas, E. B.; Adegunloye, F. O.
2013Test securityOnuka, A. O. U.
2005Tested, trusted, yet frustrating: an investigation into the effectiveness of environmental radio in Oyo State NigeriaOjebode, A.
Aug-1996A three year clinical review of the impact of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors on the intra hospital mortality of congestive heart failure in NigeriansAdewole, A.D.; Ikem, R.T.; Adiqun, A.Q.; Akintomede, A.O.; Balogun, M.O.; *Ajayi, A.A.
-Through effective teaching strategiesEmeke, E. A.; Taiwo, M. B.
Mar-2006Total quality management and students' attitude as predictors of choice of university of Ibadan distance learning programmeOnuka, A. O. U.
2003Total quality management: a technic for improved student achievementOnuka, A. O. U.