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Title: Analyses and modeling of laminar flow in pipes using numerical approach
Authors: Ismail, O. S.
Adewoye, G.T
Keywords: Laminar Flow;
Flow Parameters;
Circular and Elliptical Pipes Flow;
Numerical Modeling and Analyses
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Scientific Research
Abstract: This paper investigate some important works done on numerical analysis and modeling of laminar flow in pipes.This review is focused on some methods of approach and the analytical tools used in analyzing of the important parameters to be considered in laminar flow; such as frictional losses, heat transfer etc. in laminar flow in pipes of different shapes, and the importance of laminar flow in its areas of applications. Prominent researchers have approached this from different perspectives. Some carried out analysis on the pressure drop as a function of permeability, some worked on friction factor analysis, some discussed heat transfer effects of laminar flow in the entrance region, while some discussed its applications in various industries. Some of these works were done considering a given form of pipe configuration or shape which is circular pipes. Only a few, of the literature reviewed have related their considerations to different forms of pipes. Most consider pipes to be majorly circular in shape, but in industries today some circular pipes have become elliptical in shape due to long time usage of the pipes, which would have contributed to increase in some different forms of losses in the industries. In engineering, efficiency and effectiveness improvement is the major goal, if a research work has been done, considering the important parameters in laminar flow showing their effects on different forms of pipe configuration as a result of pipe deformation due to usage, huge amount of money will be saved. This will show clearly how the efficiency of a given circular pipe has seriously been affected due to deformation, and the level of loss this has resulted to.
ISSN: 1947-3818
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