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Title: Exploratory mand confirmatory factor analysis of school repellent variables for out- of school children in Ogun state
Authors: Adewale, J. G.
Adebowale, J. O
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: One of the objectives of Universal Basic Education (UBE) is to have a compulsory and free education at the basic education level. UBE was launched nine years ago, yet not all children who are at basic education age in school, some actually started school but do not complete school, therefore, the study examined some of the factors that militate agaianst the drive to have children stay in school. Developing and validationg school repellent variables for out-of school children in the three senatorial districts of Ogun state, Nigeria do this. Four research questions were raised to guide the study. School repellent factor scale was used for the study; this was raised to guide the study. School repellent factor analysis method. The data were purified using rotated component matrix, exploratory and confirmatory methodology. Nine factors solution was found which relfected parameters for peer social interaction among the children. The chi square result (goodness of fit test) was not significant; hence the new model is tenable. The implication of the study is discussed.
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