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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-04Potentials of sawmill wood wastes for pulp and paper productionAdetogun, A. C.; Omole, A. O.; Adejumo, T. O.
2005Assessment of Toxicological impact of light crude oil on clarias gariepus (Burechell, 1822) fingerlingsOlaifa, F. E.
2004"Hematological and biochemical indices of breeder cocks fed Cottonseed cake "Adeyemo, G.O.; Longe, O.G; Omojola, A. B; Anurudu, N.F.; Aderemi, F.A
2004Evaluation of the effects of variation in ingredient composition on the eating qualities of suya.Omojola, A. B.; Kassim, O. R.; Adewumi, M. K; Ogunsola, O. O; Adeyemo, G. O.; Adeshiyan A. B.
2009Socio-economic factors influencing peoples’ participation in forest management in Benue-Plateau region, NigeriaDagba, B.I; Azeez, I.O; Popoola, L
2009Elasticities of resource- use in fish production: A case study of Oyo agricultural zone, Oyo StateOguntolu, O. Z.; Adenegan, K.O.
2008-11Assessment of field maintenance practices of coffea arabica among coffee farmers in Taraba State, NigeriaAgbongiarhuoyi, A. E.; Adeogun, S. O.; Fawole, O. P.
2008Effect of supplementing fungi-degraded cowpea seed hull in broiler dietsAdebiyi, O.A.; Ologhobo, A.D.; Adeleye, O.O; Adebiyi, F.G.; Moiforay, S.K; Adeyemo, G.O.
2000Bilateral orchidectomy in west african dwarf (WAD) goats: effect on blood electrolyte levelsOlaifa, A. K.; Onwuka, S. K.; Oyeyemi, M. O.; Olaifa, F. E.; Utio, O. A.|; Adewoye, E. O.
2006Challenges of funding forestry education and research for sustainable forestry development in NigeriaAdegeye, A. O; Azeez, I.O