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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-04Yield and quality evaluation of kundi (an intermediate moisture meat) prepared from camel, beef, and chevonOmojola, A. B.; Kassim, O. R.; Fakolade, P. O.; Olusola, O. O.
2003-12Evaluation of the effects of various additives on the acceptability of kilishiOmojola, A. B.; Isah, O. A.; Adewumi, M. K.; Ogunsola, O. O.; Attah, S.
2003ANS 210: Principles of animal productionBabayemi, O. J.; Abu, O. A.; Sokunbi, O. A.; Ogunsola, O. O.
2002ABN 200: Introduction to agricultural biochemistryBabayemi, O. J.; Abu, O. A.; Sokunbi, O. A.
2008-09The role of sweet potato in livestock farming in NigeriaAbu, O. A.; Tewe, O. O.
2007Effects of chelators and metal ions on purified leucine-specific aminopeptidase from aeromonas caviae T-58Abu, O. A.; Nirasawa, S.; Kitaoka, M.; Hayashi, K.
2002Changes in the protein and fibre components in cassava and yam peels after solid state fermentation by aspergillus niger and rhizopus sp.Iyayi, E. A.; Abu, O. A.; Afolabi, K. D.
2001Effects of supplemental methionine and lysine on nutritional value of housefly larvae meal (musca domestica) fed to ratsOnifade, A. A.; Oduguwa, O. O.; Fanimo, A. O.; Abu, O. A.; Olutunde, T. O.; Arije, A.; Babatunde, G. M.
2009-07Performance of broiler chickens fed diets supplemented with feed grade enzymeAbu, O. A.; Igwebuike, J. U.; Abu, J. Z.
2009-07Effects of dietary acidifier-based diet on haematology and serum biochemical indices of broilersOgunwole, O. A.; Abu, O. A.; Sokunbi, O. A.; Asiruwa, P. O.