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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Dietary effect of different drying methods and graded inclusion levels of ginger (zingiber officinale) on the perfonnance and gut morphology of broilersAdeyemo, G. O.; Ogunshote, E. O.; Longe, O. G.
2018Effect of water electrolyte supplementation on perfonnance, serum and haematological indices of broiler chickens under heat-stressed conditionAdeyemo, G. O.; Sulaiman, A. K.; Tanimowo, D. A.; Longe, O. G.
2016Effect of dietary inclusion of ginger (zingiber officinale) dried with different methods on perfonnance and gut microbial population of broiler chicksAdeyemo, G. O.; Olowookere, I. J.; Longe, O. G.
2018Response of broiler chickens to carica papaya and talinium triangulare leaf meal under normal and subnormal dietsAgboola, B. E.; Ologhobo, A. D.; Adejumo, I. O.; Adeyemo, G. O.
2015-07Performance and egg quality traits of egg-type chickens fed cottonseed cake based dietsAdeyemo, G. O.
2012The effect of walnut (tetracarpidium conophorum) leaf and onion (allium cepa) bulb residues on the growth performance and nutrient utlization of clarias gariepinus juvenilesBello, O. S.; Olaifa, F. E.; Emikpe, B. O.; Ogunbanwo, S. T.
2017Effects of stocking density and season on growth performance and welfare of broiler chickens in Ibadan, NigeriaAdemulegun, T. I..; Adeyemo, G. O.; Salako, A. E.
2016Performance and tibia characteristics of chickens fed cassava chips supplemented with Dl-methionineOloghobo, A. D.; Etop, S.; Ogunwole, O. A.; Adeyemo, G. O.; Adejumo, I. O.; Adeoye, D.
2014-07Performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chicken fed soybean and sesame/soybean based diets supplemented with or without microbial phytaseOmojola, A. B.; Otunla, T. A.; Olusola, O. O.; Adebiyi, O. A.; Ologhobo, A. D.
2013Effect of protease supplementation on the performance of laying chickens fed low protein diets in early production cycleAbu, O. A.; Joshua, A. O.