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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Hydrochemical assessment of surface water in part of South-eastern NigeriaElueze, A. A.; Ephraim, B. E.; Nton, M. E.
2004Organic geochemical appraisal of limestones and shales in part of eastern Dahomey Basin, southwestern NigeriaElueze, A.A; Nton, M. E.
2007Hydogeochemical assessment of surface water and ground water quality in Agbowo-Orogun area of Ibadan, southwestern NigeriaNton, M. E.; Adejumo, S. A.; Elueze, A. A.
2006Aspects of source rock evaluation and diagenetic history of the akinbo' shale eastern dahomey basin, southwestern NigeriaNton, M. E.; Ezeh, F. P.; Elueze, A.A.
2009" Petrophysical evaluation and depositional environments of reservoir sands of x field, offshore Niger delta, Nigeria "Nton, M. E.; Adebambo, B. A
2009Evaluations of turonian limestone formation exposed at nigercem-quarry, Nkalagu, southeastern Nigeria: a geochemical approach.Ikhane, P. R.; Folorunso, A. F.; Nton, M. E.; Oluwalaanu, J. A
2009Aspects of structures and depositional environment of sand bodies within tomboy field, offshore western Niger Delta, NigeriaNton, M. E.; Adesina, A. D.
2010Textural and geochemical characteristics of the Ajali sandstone, Anambra basin, Se Nigeria: implication for its provenance" Tijani, M. N.; Nton, M. E.; Kitagawa, R.
2011" Lithofacies and Organic Geochemical Studies of Akinside 1582 Well, Eastern Dahomey Basin Southwestern Nigeria "Nton, M. E.; Otoba, O. W.
2011Sequence stratigraphic framework of K-field in part of Western Niger delta, NigeriaNton, M. E.; Ogungbemi, T. S.