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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Morphometrics of macrotermes bellicosus (African mound termite) (blattodea: termitidae) and the impact of its saliva amylase on the strength of termitarium soilPopoola, K. O. K.; Opayele, A. V.
2001-12Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) ability to breed and damage potential on cassava dried chipsHassan, A. T.; Popoola, K. O. K.
2011-11Insecticidal effects of four plants extract against prostephanus truncatus (horn) (coleoptera: bostrichidae) in infested dried cassava chipsPopoola, K. O. K.; Hassan, A. T.
2011-06Analysis of aquatic insects’ communities of Awba reservoir and its physico-chemical propertiesPopoola, K. O. K.; Otalekor, A
2012Zoology practices in food production, sericulture and pest controlPopoola, K. O. K.
2012Insect and fungal pests of some mushrooms collected from university of Ibadan, Nigeria campusJonathan, S. G.; Popoola, K. O. K.; Olawuyi, O. J.; Ajiboye, M.; Oyelakan, A. O
2002Studies on the lifecyc1e of aleurodicus dispersus (rusell) (homoptera: aleyrodidae) on potted cassava plant in a screen housePopoola, K. O. K.; Hassan, A. T.
2007-12Does the spillage of petroleum products in anopheles breeding sites have an impact on the pyrethroid resistance?Djouaka, R. F.; Bakare, A. A.; Bankole, H. S.; Doannio, J.M.C.; Coulibaly, O. N.; Kossou, H.; Tamo, M.; Basene, H. I.; Popoola, K. O. K.; Akogbeto, M. C.
2009Effects of short term laboratory infestation of dried cassava variety TME-7 by prostephanus truncatus (horn) (coleoptera: bostrichidae)Popoola, K. O. K.
2009-04Repellent action of neem (azadirachta indica) seed oil cream against anopheles gambiae mosquitoesAremu, O. I.; Femi-Oyewo, M. N.; Popoola, K. O. K.