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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Subtle morbidities associated with malaria co-infection with schistosomiaisis among children in South-West NigeriaOladele, V. S.; Awobode, H. O.; Anumudu, C. I.
2013-04Annotation of virulence factors in schistosomes for the development of a SchistoVir databaseAdebayo, A. S.; Anumudu, C. I.
2012-09Schistosome specific antibodies in individuals co-infected with malaria in Southwest NigeriaAnumudu, C. I.; Alabi, O.; Oniya, M. O.
2012Cytokine profiles among HIV and malaria co-infected pregnant mothers and their babies post deliveryAdeoti, O. M.; Awobode, H. O.; Olayiwola, O.; Anumudu, C. I.
2013-06Assessment of heavy metal residues in water, fish tissue and human blood from Ubeji, Warri, Delta State NigeriaAkintujoye, J.; Anumudu, C. I.; Awobode, H. O.
2013A study of the M235T variant of the angiotensinogen gene and hypertension in a sample population of Calabar and Uyo, NigeriaKooffreh, M. E.; Anumudu, C. I.; Akpan, E. E.; Ikpeme, E. V.; Kumar, P. L.
2010Fine specificity of anti MSP 119 antibodies an multiplicity of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite protein 1 types in individuals in Nigeria with submicroscopic infectionNgoundou-Landji, J.; Nwuba, R. I.; Anumudu, C. I.; Odaibo, A. B.; Matando Mayo, W. D.; Awobode, H. O.; Okafor, C. M.; Morenikeji, O. A.; Asinobi, A.; Nwagwu, M.; Holder, A. A.; Ntoumi, F.
2015Developmental signaling genes in ameloblastomaOnyegbula, K.; Onile, O. S.; Okoje, V. N.; Anumudu, C. I.
2011-04IgG Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for immunodiagnosis of Schistosoma haematobium infected subjects living in an endemic Nigerian villageOniya, M. O.; Omosun, Y. O.; Anumudu, C. I.; Nwuba, R. I.; Odaibo, A. B.
2014Insertion/deletion polymorphism of the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene and the risk of hypertension among residents of two cities, South-South NigeriaKooffreh, M. E.; Anumudu, C. I.; Kumar, P. L.