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Title: Primal-dual links to spatial equilibrium market model for palm oil in Nigeria
Authors: Nwauwa, L. O. E.
Adenegan, K. O.
Rahji, M. A. Y.
Olaniyi, O. Z.
Keywords: Market Integration,
Optimal Allocation,
Palm Oil,
Transportation Cost
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: International journal of operations research and information systems
Abstract: "Distribution of agricultural produce is undertaken to bridge the gap between production and consumption arising due to spatial separation between areas of surplus and deficit. An investigation of primal-dual links to spatial equilibrium model and integration of palm oil markets in Nigeria was carried out using transportation model. Two-stage sampling technique was used to collect data from 3 markets and 276 distributors. Data were analyzed using linear programing model. Average cost of transportation per mode was bus (N17, 173), truck (N 10,357) and lorry (N5,831 ) respectively. Total transportation cost of N347,809,600.6k was observed compared to a minimized objective cost of NI42,536,800.30k produced by the program. Highest optimal allocation to the destination markets using the different mode of transportation were Port Harcourt-Lagos by lorry (103,200 MT), Owerri- Maiduguri by truck (21,200 MT) and Ondo-Lagos by bus (19,800 MT) respectively. Subsidized cost of public transport facilities will reduce high cost of transportation. "
ISSN: 1947-9328
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