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Title: Knowledge of consequences of promiscuity among adolescents in Ibadan
Authors: Asuzu, C. C.
Nwagwu, H.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: This study investigated the consequences of promiscuity among the adolescents in Ibadan. The study used a pre and post experimental group design. Three local governments in Ibadan metropolis and three co-educational secondary schools were assigned to three groups, I, II and III by simple random sampling procedure. This comprised of 60 males and 60 females with the mean age of 17.3 years. Sexual behaviour inventory was used to collect data. Analysis of covariance was used to analyse the null hypothesis. The result indicated that there were significant differences in knowledge of consequences of promiscuity between adolescents in the treatment and the ones in the control groups. This was considered necessary knowledge in the prevention of STI,s including the current HIV/AIDS pandemic Based on these findings, creation of awareness on the consequences of promiscuity was recommended. Family Life Education, structured academic and behavioural programmes should be included in the secondary schools’ curriculum which will enhance emotional strength of the adolescents.
ISSN: 1118-4035
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