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Title: Job security, job satisfaction and organizational commitment as correlates of job performance among workers in Lagos state, Nigeria
Authors: Ajala, E. M.
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: "University of education, Winneba Ghana, West Africa "
Abstract: The study examined the predictability of job security, job satisfaction on organizational commitment and workers' performance within industries in Lagos State, Nigeria. A total of 294 employees sampled from three main sectors of the economy namely, para-military (immigrations), civic service and the organ ired private sector (Nigeria Bottling Company) were involved in the study. Four structured questionnaires were used to elicit their responses which were analyzed using Pearson product moment correlation and multiple regressions. The findings showed that job satisfaction and job commitment correlated with job performance. However, job security did not show significant correlation with performance. Also, there was no correlation between job security and organizational commitment. It was therefore, recommended that workers' satisfaction with their job and job security should be vigorously pursued by management so as to elicit and sustain organizational commitment and improved performance of workers.
ISSN: 2161-7252
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