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Title: Manpower development: a veritable instrument for industrial harmony and societal development
Authors: Onuka, A. O. U.
Junaid, I. O.
Issue Date: Aug-2009
Abstract: This paper is a study on the linakges among the terms: manpower development, industrail harmony and societal development. It gives brief synopsis of each and outlines how they can be made to work together to engender industrail harmony and both corpoarate organizational and national development. The paper concludes that meaningful manpower development would necessarily lead to industrial harmony. This make room for both corporate organizational and national development resulting in the development the entire society in cyclic manner. It illustrates this conclusion with the results of s study on ten companies to verify how they work together and found that implication of manpower development is meaningful organizational, macro national and the resultant societal development.
ISSN: 0855-4064
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