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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Socio-demographic predictors of perceived burden of care among care givers of non-mentally and mentally retarded students in Ibadan, NigeriaOlaseni, A. O.; Okhakhume, A. S.
2009-06The Influence of youth culture, self efficacy and peer influence on attitude towards sexual abstinence among university studentsOkhakhume, A. S.
2012The influence of the big five personality factors on students attitude towards the aged in IbadanAguiyi, 0. A.; Okhakhume, A. S.
2014Self-reported symptoms of adult ADHD among the general population in NigeriaOkhakhume, A. S.; Oluwafemi, A. A.
2013Psychosocial variables influencing depression tendency and quality of life of strokeOkhakhume, A. S.
2012-09Influence of psychological factors on self and perceived stigma and the efficacy of cognitive behaviour therapy in symptoms reduction among mentally ill patientsOkhakhume, A. S.
2013Social stigma, social support and care-giving attitudes towards incarcerated persons by members of their familiesOkhakhume, A. S.
2014-09Influence of social factors, self-esteem, introversion and extroversion on psychological well-being and quality of life among bankers in Ibadan, Osogbo and AkureOkhakhume, A. S.
2014Health disparity: implication for coping strategy and perceived stress among women in Gbagi multi-ethnic market - Ibadan, metropolisOkhakhume, A. S.
2016-03Work-family conflict and occupational stress as correlates of life satisfaction among staff of Oyo state civil serviceOkhakhume, A. S.