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Title: Reproductive behaviors effects of high-tech work demands on women's reproductive behavior
Authors: Ugbede, I. B.
Bamgbose, O. A.
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: The changes coming into the workplace in this new century is enormous. The challenge of new technology as observed by workers in modern competitive organizations in form of high tech jobs outlines a scenario for what lies ahead. Thus this research examined the impact of new technology (Information Technology) demands on a group of workers who hitherto had been restricted to the domestic sphere- women. Using quantitative (survey) of and qualitative research techniques (in-depth interviews) and (focus group discussions) from a population of women in their reproductive years (18-50 years) working in IT industries, non IT industries and the (informal sector for comparative purposes only), focus group discussions involving men and women, and in-depth interviews of women in the 3 job categories, this study examined: a. the peculiar work demands and problems posed by high-tech jobs for women as compared with women in other jobs. b. the reproductive profile and family circumstances of women in high-tech jobs low-tech jobs and women in the informal sector. e. the perceptions of women and men regarding the effects of IT in the workplace. The findings of the research partially or fully supported many of the hypotheses and the results were discussed from the perspectives of research and policy implication and women's empowerment.
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