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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Survey of biodegrading agents in logs and planks in selected sawmills and timber markets in Ibadan Oyo StateOmole, A. O.; Adegeye, A. O.; Jemide, O.
2010Biodegradation of triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum tectona grandis linn, gmelina arborea roxb, nauclea diderichii linn and terminalia ivorensis A. chev by lenzites palisoti Fr.Adetogun, A. C.; Oladapo, F. M.; Omole, A. O.; Ogunjobi, K. M.; Adejumo, R. O.
1999Effects of process variables on the strength properties of veneer laminated cement bonded particle board from mixed tropical hardwoodsOmole, A. O.; Badejo, S. O. O.
2013-10Investigation of pulping potentials of jatropha curcasOgunjobi, K. M.; Adetogun, A. C.; Soetan, D. O.; Omole, A. O.; Olorunfemi, O.; Odebiyi, J. B.
2009Utilization potentials of eucalyptus grandis (hill ex maiden) a municipal tree on the University of Ibadan campusOmole, A. O.; Adetogun, A. C.; Banjoko, O.
1999Senna siamea (LAM) and its potential for protective forestryOluwadare, A. O.; Omole, A. O.
2011Rate of decomposition of leaflitter in an age series gmelina arborea robx plantation in a Nigerian lowland rain forestOgunyebi, A. L.; Omole, A. O.; Bada, S. O.
2013-01Seasonal variation in litter fall an age series gmelinaarborea plantation in a Nigerian rainforestOgunyebi, A. L.; Omole, A. O.; Bada, S. O.
2010Mycelial growth inhibition of basidiomyceteous fungi by extracts of anacardium occidentale linn, bridelia ferruginea benth and ficus sur forsskalAdetogun, A. C.; Omole, A. O.
2000Preliminary study on use of engine oil as wood preservativeOmole, A. O.; Onilude, M. A.