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Title: Gender differences and entrepreneurial factors in psychological adjustment during organizational restructuring
Authors: Ekore, J. O.
Keywords: Gender
Entrepreneurial factors
Psychological adjustment
Organizational restructuring
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Typically, organizational restructuring come with change and the challenge of what to do when there is job loss. This can impact psychological well-being for both male and female employees. Hence, the study with a sample of 496 [233 (46.9%) males and 263 (53.1%) females]. Their mean age was 39.1 years (sd=10.31). Questionnaires were used for data collection. Two hypotheses were tested with ‘Pearson r’ and t-test. Results showed positive and significant correlation between entrepreneurial factors and psychological adjustment: Entrepreneurial role models (r = 0.28, df = 494, p<.001); promotion of entrepreneurship (r= 0.11, df=494, p<.05); entrepreneurial readiness (r= 0.11, df= 494, p<.05); and subjective norms (r= 0.16, df= 494, p<.05). Gender differences was found in psychological well-being (t = 24.7; df = 494; p<.001). Males (Ẋ=13.30) significantly differ from females ( Ẋ= 7.94) on psychological adjustment. Entrepreneurial factors showed positive relationship with psychological well-being. Gender was also important. Findings implied that the factors are relevant in employees’ psychological adjustment during organization restructuring. Therefore, in preparing workforce for exercise leading to job-loss, organizations need to consider these factors as important in their staff exit/ lay-off sensitization training. This would help them to cope with the change associated with restructuring.
ISSN: 2348-0386
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