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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Knowledge of consequences of promiscuity among adolescents in IbadanAsuzu, C. C.; Nwagwu, H.
2009Effects of cognitive learning styles on the academic achievement of secondary school adolescents: implications for counsellingOgundokun M.O.
2008-05Psycho-social factors as predictors of truancy behaviour among secondary school students in Ogun state, Nigeria"Ogundokun M.O.||Olawole O.O. "
2003Comparative effectiveness of two psychological techniques in the management promiscuity among adolescents in IbadanAsuzu, C. C.; Nwagwu, H.; Ohaeri, J. U.; Asuzu, M. C.
2008-01Influence of educational level on HIV/AIDS related knowledge, attitude and sexual behaviour of road transport workers in IbadanAsuzu, C. C.; Odanye, T.
2006Age, gender, religion and physical location as predictors of the social interactions of some Nigerian adolescents during pubertyAjiboIa, O.F.; Tiwatola, A.F.; Moses, O.O.
2009-06The Influence of peer pressure and parent-child communication on the initiation of teenage sexual activity among secondary school students in Benue StateAsuzu, C. C.; Tondo, M. J.
2006Christian courtship: some points to think about for health and social wellbeingAsuzu, C. C.; Asuzu, M. C.
2009-07"Emotional intelligence and academic self-efficacy as predictors of academic performance among senior secondary school students in Oyo state, Nigeria "Salami, S.O.; Ogundokun, M.O.
2009-07Sexual practice and belief system among menopausal women in Ibadan: implication for sexual healthAsuzu, C. C.; Babalola, E.; Agokei, R. O.