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Title: Quality assessment of meat patties cured with ocimum gratissimum extract
Authors: Oyadeyi, O. S.
Olusola, O. O.
Bello, W. B.
Adebisi, T. T.
Keywords: Ocimum gratssimum extract
Meat patties
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Abstract: The effect of Ocimum gratissimum extract (OGE) on meat patties made from three different meat types namely beef, chevon and pork was investigated. Each meat type cured in OGE at different curing periods of 0hr, ½ hr, 1hr, 1 ½ hrs and 2 hrs were represented as treatments A B C D and E. Ocimum gratissimum seeds were planted and extract of harvested matured leaves were used for meat curing. Meat cuts from the thigh portion of matured carcasses of bulls, bucks and boar were purchased from the meat market at Igbo-ora,45 minutes after slaughtering. Each meat type were sliced into 10 replicates, samples were randomly allotted into the five treatments in a factorial arrangement and were minced after curing. The minced meats were then shaped into round moulds, grilled in oven at 115°C for 25mins and assessed for organoleptic properties. Meat patties of beef and chevon cured with Ocimum gratissimum extract for 1 hr and 1½ hrs gave better overall acceptability while control and ½ hr soaked pork patties were preferred to patties from other curing times.. Finally, the overall acceptability of ocimum cured beef, chevon and pork patties rating showed that treatment B, C and D were significantly (P<0.05) different with different mean values range of 6.81±6.91 (Beef), 6.11±6.80 (Chevon) and 5.89±6.26 (Pork) while treatment E had the least mean values with least acceptance. It could be inferred from this that the taste became more appreciated in patties cured for ½ hr and 1 hr in ocimum extract according to the rating of the panelist.
ISSN: 2220-6655
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