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Title: Strategic planning for information technology in academic libraries
Authors: Fatoki, O. C.
Keywords: Strategic planning
Information Technology
Academic libraries
Issue Date: Dec-2005
Publisher: Ogun State Chapter of Nigerian Library Assocaition
Abstract: As the mission of most libraries' in the electronic age is "accessibility" based, library administrators have had to deploy technology as an end. Many academic libraries in Nigeria and across the world have had to invest in technology without planning for it. The rate of obsolescence of technologies, the costs of replacement and updating of the technologies, and the call for accountability by stakeholders are reasons for libraries to creatively plan and implement information technology plans in the context of the institutional goals and mission. It is recommended that appropriate technologies be applied as a means thereby enabling academic libraries to articulate a vision, publicly state a direction, and stay the course despite the numerous distractions faced by library management on daily basis. It is advised that developing an information technology plan is a "manageable" effort.
ISSN: 1119-6041
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