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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Nigeria butchers and hepatitis B virus infectionOla, S. O.; Otegbayo, J. A.; Yakubu, A.; Odaibo, G. N.; Olaleye, D. O.
2007In vitro evaluation of the antiviral activity of extracts from the lichen parmelia perlata (L) Ach. Against three RNA virusesEsimone, C. O.; Ofokansi, K. C.; Adikwu, M. U.; Ibezim, E. C.; Aboniyi, D. O.; Odaibo, G. N.; Olaleye, D. O.
2003Total serum complement in chickens experimentally infected with infectious bursal disease virus with or without previous vaccinationFagbohun, O. A.; Taiwo, V. O.; Owoade, A. A.; Odaibo, G. N.; Oluwayelu, D. O.; Aiki-raji, C. O; Olaleye, D. O.
2012HIV-1 drug resistant mutations in chronically infected teatment naïve individuals in the pre-ARV era in Nigeria.Odaibo, G. N.; Ola, S. O.; Landerz, M.; Dietrich, U.; Olaleye, D. O.
2004Pattern if sexually transmitted Disease among HIV-! Infected commercial sex workers in Ibadan, NigeiraFayemiwo, S. A.; Bakare, R. A.; Odaibo, G. N.; Oni, A. A.; Fasina, A. A.; Olaleye, D. O.; Sankale, J. L.; Kanki, P.
2008Prevalence of hepatitis B virus and C seropositivity in a Nigerian cohort of HIV-infected patientsOtegbayo, J. A.; Taiwo, B. O.; Akingbola, T. S.; Odaibo, G. N.; Adedapo, K. S.; Penugonda, S.; Adewole, I. F.; Olaleye, D. O.; Murphy, R.; Kanki, P.
2004Respiratory syncytial virus infection: denominator-based studies in Indonesia, Mozambique, Nigeria and South AfricaRobertson, S. E.; Roca, A.; Alonso, P.; Simoes, E. A. F.; Kartasasmita, C. B.; Olaleye, D. O.; Odaibo, G. N.; Collinson, M.; Venter, M.; Zhu, Y.; Wright, P. F.
2013HIV infection among newly Daignosed TB patients in southwestern Nigeria: A multi-DOTS center studyOdaibo, G. N.; Okonkwo, P.; Lawal, O. M.; Olaleye, D. O.
2001Antibodies to lassa virus Z protein and nucleoprtein co-occur in human sera from lassa fever endemic regionsGunther, S.; Kuhle, O.; Rehder, D.; Odaibo, G. N.; Olaleye, D. O.; Emmerich, P.; Meulen, J.; Schmitz, H.
2013Incidence and burden of respiratory syncytial virus infection in a community-based cohort o under-five years children in Nigeria.Odaibo, G. N.; Forbi, J. C.; Omotade, O. O.; Olaleye, D. O.