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Title: ARIMA model and neural network: a comparative study of crime rate modelling
Authors: James, T. O.
Suleiman, S.
Udomboso, C. G.
Babayemi, A. W.
Keywords: Crime rate
Time Series
Neural Network
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Crime rate is a serious issue that affects everyone in society. It affects the victims, perpetrators, their families the government and even reality of good governance. In this study forecasting of crime rate using autoregression integrated moving average (AR1MA) model was compared with feed forward neural networks. The J multi software was used for analysis of data gotten from State Police Headquarter in Kebbi State from January 2004 to December 2013 and the series was stationary at first difference and ARIMA (0, 1, 1) was obtained as the best model for the series. This was model by Neural Network using SPSS. In the training of the network, the samples were automatically partitioned in to 73.3% of training and 26.7% of testing. The computational result shows that Artificial Neural Network provides better model than ARIMA by having minimum error in the in-sample and out -of- sample in MAE, MSE, and RMSE with 3.84614, 2.00466 and 1.41586 respectively.
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