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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Generic versus innovator: Analysis of the pharmaceutical qualities of paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets in the Nigerian marketOkunlola, A.; Adegoke, O. A.; Odeku, O. A.
2010Effects of water yam and corn starches on the interacting variables influencing the disintegration of chloroquine phosphate tabletsOkunlola, A.; Odeku, O. A.
2011-01Evaluation of starches obtained from four dioscorea species as binding agent in chloroquine phosphate tablet formulationsOkunlola, A.; Odeku, O. A.
2013Formulation and in vitro evaluation of natural gum-based microbeads for delivery of ibuprofenOdeku, O. A; Okunlola, A.; Lamprecht, A.
2016Optimization of formulations of metoprolol succinate tablets containing ofada rice starch acetate as tablet matrix for sustained release using response surface methodologyOkunlola, A.
2018Development of ibuprofen microspheres using acetylated plantain starches as polymer for sustained releaseOkunlola, A.; Ghomorai, T.
2016Impact of degree of substitution of acetylated ofada rice starch polymer on the release properties of nimesulide microspheresOkunlola, A.; Owojori, T.
2016Development of repaglinide microspheres using novel acetylatedstarches of bitter and Chinese yams as polymersOkunlola, A.; Adebayo, A. S.; Adeyeye, M. C.
2017Formulation of metronidazole tablets using hydroxypropylated white yam (dioscorea rotundata) starch as the binding agentOkunlola, A.; Alade, O. O.; Odeku, O. A.
2008Comparative evaluation of starches obtained from dioscore species as intragranular tablet disintegrantOkunlola, A.; Odeku, O. A.