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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Malignant haemangiopericytoma of the left thigh with metastases to the bones and lungs: a case reportAtalabi, O. M.; Ibinaiye, O. P.; Obajimi, M. O.; Ogunseyinde, O.; Akang, E. E. U.
2010Image gently: one size does not fit allAtalabi, O. M.
2015Evaluation of renal blood flow using doppler sonography in children with acute Falciparum malaria in South-Western NigeriaAdekanmi, A. J.; Atalabi, O. M.; Orimadegun, A. E.; Afolabi, N. B.
2013Prevalence of abnormal bone mineral density in HIV-postive patients in Ibadan, NigeriaAlonge, T. O.; Okoje-Adesomoju, V. N.; Atalabi, O. M.; Obamuyide, H. A.; Olaleye, D.; Adewole, I. F.
2015Computerized tomography scan and head injury: the experience in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria. A cross sectional studyAkanji, O. A; Akinola, R. A.; Balogun, B. O.; Akano, A. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Akinkunmi, M. A. N.; Gbolahan, O. G.; Awosanya, G. O. G.
2014The prevalence of Cholelithiasis in Nigerians with sickle cell disease as diagnosed by ultrasoundAgholor, C. A.; Akhigbe, A. O.; Atalabi, O. M.
2006Dermatofibroma of the foot mimicking neurofibroma radiologicallyAgunloye, A. M.; Atalabi, O. M.; Ogunseyinde, A. O.; Obajimi, M. O.; Adeyinka, A. O.
2001Accidental ingestion of a drawing pin a case of an unusal foreign body in the OesphagusAgunloye, A. M.; Atalabi, O. M.; Obajimi, M. O.
2013Pattern of asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections in women undergoing hysterosalpingography for infertility evaluation in Ibadan NigeriaAtalabi, O. M.; Fayemiwo, S. A.; Oladokun, A. A.; Bakare, R. A.
2015Estimation of the risk of cancer associated with pediatric cranial computed tomographyAtalabi, O. M.; Akinlade, B. I.; Adekanmi, A. J.