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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Early endoscopic realignment of traumatic anterior and posterior urethral disruptions under caudal anaesthesia- a 5-year reviewOlapade-Olaopa, E. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Adekanye, A. O.; Adebayo, S. A.; Onawola, K. A.
Mar-2011The lumbosacral radiographs in the initial screening of low back pain - is one view enough?Atalabi, O. M.; Ogunlade, S. O.; Agunloye, A. A.
2010Renal resistive index in normal adults in Ibadan, South western Nigeria: a preliminary reportYusuf, B. P.; Atalabi, O. M.
Jun-2011X-ray hysterosalphingography: the most painful part in the Nigerian womanAtalabi, O. M.; Osinake, B. B.
2010Cranial magnetic resonance imaging findings in kwashiorkorAtalabi, O. M.; Lagunju, I. A.; Tongo, O. O.; Akinyinka, O. O.
Aug-2012Misconception about ultrasound among Nigeiran women attending specialist and tertiary health institutions in IbadanAdekanmi, A. J.; Morhason-Bello, I. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Adedokun, B. O.; Adeniji-Sofoluwe, A. A.; Marinho, A. O.
Dec-2012Baseline chest radiograhic features among antiretroviral therapy naïve human immuno-deficiency virus positive children in a pediatric care programAtalabi, O. M.; Oladokun, R.; Adedokun, B.; Obajimi, M. O.; Osinusi, K.
2012Low field MR imaging of sellar and parasellar lesions: experience in a developing country hospitalOgbole, G. I.; Adeyinka, O. A.; Okolo, C. A.; Ogun, A. O.; Atalabi, O. M.
2012Transvaginal ultrasonography: a survey of the acceptability and its predictors among a native African women populationAtalabi, O. M.; Morhason-Bello, I. O.; Adekanmi, A. J.; Marinho, A. O.; Adedokun, B. O.; Kalejaiye, A. O.; Sogo, K.; Gbadamosi, S. A.
2013Ultrasonographic renal sizes, cortical thickness and volume in Nigerian children with acute falciparum malariaAtalabi, O. M.; Orimadegun, A. E.; Adekanmi, A. J.; Akinyinka, O. O.