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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015African muslim diaspora: the genesis of contemporary global islamic radicalismAbbas, L. O.
2014Assalat: meanings, prerequsites, implications and some practical observation of a worshipperAbbas, L. O.
2000The concept of worship and supplication in IslamAbbas, L. O.
2011Contributions of islamic scholars to sustainable human and environmental development: islam hadhari and future development of muslim countriesUthman, I. O.; Abbas, L. O.; Oloso, K. K.
2014The contributions of the muslim Arabs to the development of scienceAbbas, L. O.
2008The contributions of the University of Ibadan to manpower development in arabic and islamic studiesAbbas, L. O.
2010-03The effects of Arab conflicts on the muslim worldAbbas, L. O.
2010Ideals and realities of imamship practices in yorubaland of NigeriaAbbas, L. O.
2009Imamate and peripheral issues in Osogbo Central MosqueAbbas, L. O.
2012The imamate question in Osun StateAbbas, L. O.
2016-07The impact of itinerant scholars on the propagation of islam in Ibadan, NigeriaAbbas, L. O.; Lawal, I. B.
2015-04The Instrumentalism of rosary in contemporary textual interpretations of muslimsAbbas, L. O.; Busari, M. O.
2014-10Islam and modernity: the case of woman todayAbbas, L. O.
2008Islam and university education in contemporary NigeriaOladosu, A. A.; Abbas, L. O.; Oladosu, H. U.
2016-01Islam in contemporary Africa: re-reading history, contemplating challengesOladosu, A. A.; Abbas, L. O.
2014Islam’s view on family planning and birth controlAbbas, L. O.
2015The law of rajm (stoning) in Islam: legality and controversiesAbbas, L. O.
1997Martydorn in islam: its concept and formsAbbas, L. O.
2015-06Mawlidun-nabiyy celebration: an islamic tradition between the permissible and non-permissibleAbbas, L. O.
2014-05Muslim/christian politics of religion in Nigeria: the shariah application and the religious foundations of global muslim engagement with modernityAbbas, L. O.; Uthman, I. O.