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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Abdominal paraganglioma in a pediatric patientAtalabi, O. M.; Lee, E. Y.
2008Abdominal ultrasonography in HIV/AIDS patients in Southwestern Nigeria.Obajimi, M. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Ogbole, G. I.; Adeniji-Sofoluwe, A. T.; Agunloye, A. M.; Adekanmi, A. J.; Osuagwu, Y. U, Olarinoye, S. A.; Olusola-Bello, M. A.; Ogunseyinde, A. O.; Aken'Ova, Y. A.; Adewole, I. F.
Nov-1987Abundance of the Ca2+-pumping ATPase in pig erythrocyte membranes.Bewaji CO, Bababunmi EA.
2009Acceptability of child adoption as management option for infertility in Nigeria: evidence from focus group discussionsOladokun, A.; Arulogun, O. S.; Oladokun, R.; Morhason-Bello, I. O.; Bamgboye, E. A.; Adewole, I. F.; Ojengbede, O. A.
Jun-2011Accessibility and retrieval of national information in Nigerian university librariesOla, C. O.; Oseghale, O.
2001Accidental ingestion of a drawing pin a case of an unusal foreign body in the OesphagusAgunloye, A. M.; Atalabi, O. M.; Obajimi, M. O.
2003Accountability in education: programme for improving student performaceOnuka, A. O. U.
2010Accountability in education: the programme evaluation approachOnuka, A. O. U.
2004Achievement in common entrance examination as a predictor of achievement in junior secondary school business studiesOnuka, A. O. U.
Dec-2000Adequacy of academic journals in Nigerian University Libraries during economic gloom: the Kenneth Dike Library experienceOla, C. O.; Adeyemi, B. M.
Sep-1996Adolescent girl, commercial sex workers and HIV-AIDS awarenessEmeke, E. A.
Jun-2001Agricultural research in Nigeria: the roles of institutional librariesEkpenyong, G. D.
Dec-2004Analyses and patterns of CD-ROM database use in Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan, NigeriaIgbeka, J. U.; Okpala, A. E.
Dec-2010Analysis of national examination council junior school certificate examination question in two core subject.Okwilagwe, E. A.; Nwazota, C. C.
2005Analysis of users' searches of CD-ROM databasesOkpala, A. E.; Igbeka, J. U.
1995An appraisal of medical institutions and medical professionals in NigeriaEmeke, E. A.
2012Appraisal of recent trends in curriculum restructuring in Nigerian education systemOkwilagwe, E. A.
2012Appraiser of roadside carpentry workshop in Iwo, Osun state, NigeriaAdewole, N. A.; Bello, R. O.
2004Appraising survival of primary education- a task for allEmeke, E. A.
2000Appraising the role of reproductive health, family planning, maternal and child care in the context of population stablization in AfricaEmeke, E. A.