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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002ABN 200: Introduction to agricultural biochemistryBabayemi, O. J.; Abu, O. A.; Sokunbi, O. A.
2011-06Agro-Industrial by-products and farm wastes for poultry production in Nigeria: challenges and opportunitiesAbu, O. A.; Iyayi, E. A.; Tewe, O. O.
2003ANS 210: Principles of animal productionBabayemi, O. J.; Abu, O. A.; Sokunbi, O. A.; Ogunsola, O. O.
1999Assessment of the effects of supplementing rabbit diets with a culture of saccharomyces cerevisiae using performance, blood composition and clinical enzyme activitiesOnifade, A. A.; Obiyan, R. I.; Onipede, E.; Adejumo, D. O.; Abu, O. A.; Babatunde, G. M.
2015-03Carcass characteristics and meat quality of broilers fed cassava peel and leaf meals as replacements for maize and soyabean mealAbu, O. A.; Olaleru, I. F.; Omojola, A. B.
2002Changes in the protein and fibre components in cassava and yam peels after solid state fermentation by aspergillus niger and rhizopus sp.Iyayi, E. A.; Abu, O. A.; Afolabi, K. D.
1999Comparative effects of unprocessed sorghum as a substitute for maize in the diets of growing rabbitsAbu, O. A.; Akpodiete, J. O.; Bakare, J
2013Effect of protease supplementation on the performance of laying chickens fed low protein diets in early production cycleAbu, O. A.; Joshua, A. O.
2012Effect of ß-mannanase supplementation and feed presentation on carcass characteristics and macro-mineral digestibility of growing rabbits fed palm kernel based dietsAbu, O. A.; Tanimowo, D. A.
1996Effects of cassava waste substitution for maize in weaner rabbit dietsAbu, O. A.; Onifade, A. A.
2007Effects of chelators and metal ions on purified leucine-specific aminopeptidase from aeromonas caviae T-58Abu, O. A.; Nirasawa, S.; Kitaoka, M.; Hayashi, K.
2009-07Effects of dietary acidifier-based diet on haematology and serum biochemical indices of broilersOgunwole, O. A.; Abu, O. A.; Sokunbi, O. A.; Asiruwa, P. O.
2001Effects of supplemental methionine and lysine on nutritional value of housefly larvae meal (musca domestica) fed to ratsOnifade, A. A.; Oduguwa, O. O.; Fanimo, A. O.; Abu, O. A.; Olutunde, T. O.; Arije, A.; Babatunde, G. M.
2013-01Growth and carcass characteristics of finishing broilers on acidified blood meal based dietAbu, O. A.; Ogunwole, O. A.; Adedeji, B. S.; Adeboboye, A. V. K.; Tewe, O. O.
1999Growth performance and carcass quality of broiler chickens as influenced by propriety source of feedJoseph, J. K.; Ijalana, O. O.; Abu, O. A.
2011-09Haematogical and biochemical proflies of rabbits fed pelleted and non pelleted maize substituted sweet potato root dietsAbu, O. A.
2015-03Haematological indices of Wistar rats fed dehulled African yam bean (stenostylis stenocarpa) soaked in acidic and alkaline mediaAmusa, H. O.; Abu, O. A.
2010-07Information needs of small ruminant rearers in peri-urban areas of Southwest NigeriaAbu, J. Z.; Adekoya, A. E.; Abu, O. A.
1999Microbial load, cholesterol levels and sensory quality of hard-boiled commercial eggsJoseph, J. K.; Adeniyi, J. O.; Abu, O. A.
2010-09Nutrient utilisation and carcass value of broilers fed palm kernel cake and cassava rations supplemented with ß- mannanaseAdetunji, V. A.; Abu, O. A.; Tewe, O. O.