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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Assessment of resources and instructional materials status in the teaching of mathematics in southwestern NigeriaAfolabi, S. S.; Adeleke, J. O.
2005Assessment strategies for promoting higher order thinking skills in public secondary schoolsYoloye, T. W.; Aimakhu, U. V.; Adeleke, J. O.
2010The basic of research and evaluation toolsAdeleke, J. O.
2009-06Complimentary roles of religious institutions on the fight against examination malpractices in NigeriaAdeleke, J. O.
2013-01Contributory influence of pre admission qualifications and demographic factors of federal colleges of agriculture students on their attitude towards mathematics courses.Adeleke, J. O.; Appah, O. R.
2013-03Effect of language of instruction and pupils' attitude on the performance of primary school pupils in mathematicsAdeleke, J. O.
2007 05Effect of students' subject areas on psycho-cognitive outcomes in mathematicsAdeleke, J. O.
2011Effective teaching of secondary school mathematics through mastery learning strategyAdeleke, J. O.
2008Effects of cognitive entry characteristics and gender on students' cognitive achievement in bearing.Adeleke, J. O.
2015-06Effects of communal conflict on enrollment, attendance and achievement of primary school pupils in Rivers StateOpiki, O. C.; Adeleke, J. O.
2013-03Enhancement potency of math club activities on junior secondary school students' mathematics learningAdeleke, J. O.
2009Enhancing rural public primary school teachers' information and communication technology (ICT) knowledge through holiday skill development programmeAdeleke, J. O.
2011-06Examiners' malpractice dispositions: paradigm of assessment qualityAdeleke, J. O.; Oluwatayo, G. K.
2007-04Gender role on topic preference of senior secondary school students in mathematicsAdeleke, J. O.
2009-08Holiday rural teachers' skill development programme and their geometry knowledgeAdeleke, J. O.
2012-05Implementation challenges of the 9-year basic education curriculum in Nigeria:implications for planning, policy and lawAdeleke, J. O.; Fabunmi, M.; Ojeleye, J. A.
2013Instructional material improvisation for enhanced mathematics learningAdeleke, J. O.
2012-07Parental career value, salary and gender as correlates of students' attitude towards teaching professionAdeleke, J. O.; Okogbe, B. O.
2009Path-analytic study of cognitive entry characteristic and students' achievement in bearing in mathematicObaitan, G. N.; Adeleke, J. O.
2011-06Path-analytic study of gender,mathatics conception, manipulative skills, learning readiness and students' achievement in mathematicsAdeleke, J. O.