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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-03Acceptability of counseling and testing for HIV infection in women in labour at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, NigeriaBello, F.; Ogunbode, O. O.; Adesina, O. A.; Olayemi, O.; Awonuga, O. M.; Adewole, I. F.
2010-06Asymptomatic bacteriuria among HIV positive pregnant womenAwolude, O. A.; Adesina, O. A.; Oladokun, A.; Mutiu, W. B.; Adewole, I. F.
2015-04An audit of the uptake of key PMTCT interventions in the pre and post WHO rapid advice periods at the University College Hospital, IbadanAdesina, O. A.; Kuti, M. A.; Ogunbosi, B.; Akinyemi, O. J.; Fayemiwo, A.; Awolude, O. A.; Adewole, I. F.
2008Awareness and use of emergency contraceptive methods among Intern medical doctors at IbadanMorhason-Bello, I. O.; Adesina, O. A.; Ifemeje, A. A.; Okunlola, M. A.; Adedokun, B. O.; Abdu-Salam, R. A.; Adekunle, A. O.
2011Bacterial antibiotic sensitivity pattern from urine of asymptomatic HIV positive pregnant womenAwolude, O. A.; Adesina, O. A.; Mutiu, W. B.; Adewole, I. F.
2015-06Blood transfusion requirement during caesarean delivery: risk factorsEyelade, O. R.; Adesina, O. A.; Adewole, I. F.; Adebowale, S. A.
2012Care providers’ knowledge and practice of malaria control measures in pregnancy in Ibadan, South west NigeriaOladokun, A.; Adesina, O. A.; Oladokun, R. E.
2003-07Cervical cytology service in Nigeria: providers’ perspectiveAdesina, O. A.; Babarinsa, I. A.; Fawole, A. O.; Oladokun, A.; Adeniji, R. A.; Adewole, I. F.
2007-02A comparative study of two surgical management methods for cervical incompetence at the University College Hospital, IbadanOladokun, A.; Adesina, O. A.; Odukogbe, A. A.; Morhason-Bello, I. O.; Adewole, I. F.
2001Complete hydatidiform mole co-existing with a twin live fetusObisesan, K. A.; Adesina, O. A.; Awolude, O. A.
2011Correlates of HIV sero-disclosure and partner status at a PMTCT centre, UCHAdesina, O. A.; Awolude, O.; Akinyemi, A.; Oladokun, A.; Adewole, I. F.; Kanki, P.
2008Correlation of cervical cytology and visual inspection with acetic HIV-positive womenAkinwuntan, A. I.; Adesina, O. A.; Okolo, C. A.; Oluwasola, O. A.; Oludokun, A.,; Ifemeje, A. A.; Adewole, I. F.
2015Dyslipidemia in ART-naive infected Persons in Nigeria- implications for careKuti, M. A.; Adesina, O. A.; Awolude, O. A.; Ogunbosi, B. O.; Fayemiwo, S. A.; Akinyemi, J. O.; Adetunji, A. A.; Irabor, A. E.; Odaibo, G. N.; Okonkwo, P.; Taiwo, B. O.; Olaleye, D.; Murphy, R. L.; Kanki, P.; Adewole, I. F.
2009Emergency obstetric patients in developing countries and prevalence of HIV infectionAwolude, O. A.; Adesina, O. A.; Oladokun, A.; Adewole, I. F.
2003Fetal macrosomia at the University College Hospital, Ibadan: a 3-year reviewAdesina, O. A.; Olayemi, O.
2006Haematological profile of healthy pregnant women in Ibadan, South-western NigeriaAkingbola, T. S.; Adewole, I. F.; Adesina, O. A.; Afolabi, K. A.; Fehintola, F. A.; Bamgboye, E. A.; Aken’Ova, Y. A.; Shokunbi, W. A.; Anwo, J. A.; Nwegbu, M. M.
2011-12Knowledge and utilization of malaria control measures by pregnant and newly delivered mothers in Ibadan, NigeriaOladokun, A.; Oladokun, R. E.; Adesina, O. A.
2013Knowledge of the human papilloma virus vaccines, and opinions of gynaecologists on its implementation in NigeriaMorhason-Bello, I. O.; Adesina, O. A.; Adedokun, B. O.; Awolude, O.; Okolo, C. A.; Aimakhu, C. O.; Akinwunmi, B. O.; Oladokun, A.; Adewole, I. F.
2014Molluscum contagiosum virus infection among PLWHA In Ibadan, NigeriaFayemiwo, S. A.; Adesina, O. A.; Akinyemi, J. O.; Odaibo, G. N.; Omikunle, T. O.; Adewole, I. F.
2015-04Obstetric and newborn outcomes and risk factors for low birth weight and preterm delivery among HIV-infected pregnant women at the University College Hospital IbadanAdesina, O. A.; Michael, O. S.; Ogunbosi, B. O.; Akinyemi, J. O.; Kuti, M. A.; Awolude, O. A.; Fayemiwo, S. A.; Adewole, I. F.