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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Effect of aqueous tetrapleura tetraptera (african porridge fruit) on carcass characteristics and organ weights of broiler chickensAdeyemo, G.O.
2014Effect of aqueous tetrapleura tetraptera (African porridge fruit) on performance and gut morphology of broiler chickensAdeyemo, G.O.
2010Effect of exposure duration to cottonseed cake-based diet on broiler performanceAdeyemo, G.O.
1999Effect of graded level of fermented poultry litter on the performance of broiler startersAdeyemo, G.O.; Oyawoye, E.O.
2008Effect of supplementing fungi-degraded cowpea seed hull in broiler dietsAdebiyi, O.A.; Ologhobo, A.D.; Adeleye, O.O; Adebiyi, F.G.; Moiforay, S.K; Adeyemo, G.O.
2007-04Effects of graded levels of cottonseed cake on performance, haematological and carcass characteristics of broilers fed from day old to 8 weeks of age.Adeyemo, G.O.; Longe, O.G
2013Growth performance of broiler chickens fed fossil shell growth promoterAdeyemo, G.O.
2004"Hematological and biochemical indices of breeder cocks fed Cottonseed cake "Adeyemo, G.O.; Longe, O.G; Omojola, A. B; Anurudu, N.F.; Aderemi, F.A
2013Influence of varying crude protein levels and balanced amino acids on the performance and haematological characteristics of laying hens at the second phase of productionAdeyemo, G.O.
2004performance of broiler chicks fed cottonseed cake-based dietsAdeyemo, G.O.; Longe, O.G; Adebiyi, F.G
2012-02Performance of broiler starters fed varying levels of dietary methionineAdeyemo, G.O.
2008Quantitative determination ok tannin contents of some unconventional feedstuffsAdeyemo, G.O.; Adebiyi, O.A..; Sokunbi, O.A