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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-06Academic staff utilisation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Nigerian tertiary institutions: a study of ten selected universitiesAramide, K. A.; Samuel, A. O.
2009Accessing electronic database for curriculum delivery in schools: implication for school library media specialistsAramide, K. A.; Taofik, B.
2015-01-26Accessing ICT for science teaching in Nigerian schools: whither the role of school library media centre?Aramide, K. A.; Oyewusi, F. O.
2013Assessment of resource inputs and service delivery in school library media centers in Nigeria: implications for basic and post-basic educationAramide, K. A.; Elaturoti, D. F.
2010-06Availability and use of audiovisual and electronic resources by distance learning students in Nigerian University: a case study of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Ibadan study centreAramide, K. A.; Bolarinwa, O. M.
2013-12A comparative study of social networks' utilisation and addiction among undergraduate and postgraduate students in Nigerian UniversitiesAramide, K. A.; Oyewo, R.; Adedokun, F.O.
2016Computer self-efficacy and computer attitude as correlates of internet use of secondary school students’ in NigeriaOyewusi, F. O.; Sokoya, A. A.; Aramide, K. A.
2012Dearth of school library collection: inhibition to reading promotion programme in Nigerian schoolsElaturoti, D. F.; Aramide, K. A.
2015Effect of parental background factors on reading habits of secondary school students in Ogun State, NigeriaAramide, K. A.
2012-06Environmental and institutional factors influence on internet use by the undergraduate in selected federal universities in South-West, NigeriaAjayi, A. J.; Aramide, K. A.
2011An evaluation of state universal basic education board (SUBEB) libraries in selected states in South West NigeriaSote, A.; Aramide, K. A.; Gbotoso, A.
2017Influence of motivation, library materials and location on use of library by undergraduates in University of Ibadan, NigeriaLadipo, S.O.; Aramide, K. A.
2019Information and digital literacy and technology appropriation in electronic mediaAramide, K. A.; Oyewusi, F. O.; Adebiyi, D. T.
2018Information needs and library services delivery for students with visual impairment in Oyo State, NigeriaAramide, K. A.; Odunlade, R. O.; Balogun, Z. O.
2013Information needs and seeking behaviour of tertiary institutions’ retirees in NigeriaAdekanye, E. A.; Aramide, K. A.; Adewuyi, W. O.
2015Information seeking-pattern of Nigerian textile market women and strategies for improvementAdekanye, E. A.; Aramide, K. A.; Adewuyi, O.O.
2012Institutional factors and perceived usefulness as predictors of internet use by postgraduate students at the University of Ibadan, NigeriaAderibigbe, N. A.; Aramide, K. A.
2010-05Perception of teachers and pupils on the influence of textbook provision on educational development in South-Western NigeriaAramide, K. A.; Ajise, T.
2008-12The role of librarians and information professionals in the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in NigeriaAramide, K. A.; Ayankola, I.; Bello, T.
2009The role of library and information centres in the achievement of the millennium development goals (MDGs)Aramide, K. A.; Olaojo, P. O.; Bolarinwa, O. M.