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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Abdominal paraganglioma in a pediatric patientAtalabi, O. M.; Lee, E. Y.
2008Abdominal ultrasonography in HIV/AIDS patients in Southwestern Nigeria.Obajimi, M. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Ogbole, G. I.; Adeniji-Sofoluwe, A. T.; Agunloye, A. M.; Adekanmi, A. J.; Osuagwu, Y. U, Olarinoye, S. A.; Olusola-Bello, M. A.; Ogunseyinde, A. O.; Aken'Ova, Y. A.; Adewole, I. F.
2001Accidental ingestion of a drawing pin a case of an unusal foreign body in the OesphagusAgunloye, A. M.; Atalabi, O. M.; Obajimi, M. O.
Dec-2012Baseline chest radiograhic features among antiretroviral therapy naïve human immuno-deficiency virus positive children in a pediatric care programAtalabi, O. M.; Oladokun, R.; Adedokun, B.; Obajimi, M. O.; Osinusi, K.
2008Bilateral tardus-parvus waveform in kidneys secondary to mid-aortic syndrome in a hypertensive childAtalabi, O. M.; Lee, E. Y.
2012Calcium caplet mimicking renal calculiAtalabi, O. M.; Takure, A. O.
Jun-2001A case of adrenal myelolipoma mimicking pheocromocytomaAtalabi, O. M.; Ogunseyinde, A. O.
Dec-2001Case report - Abdominal CocoonIrabor, D. O.; Atalabi, O. M.
Oct-2006Clinicoradiologic and sonographic patterns of metastasis in hepatocellular carcinomaOtegbayo, J. A.; Atalabi, O. M.; Yakubu, A.
2004Computed tomography and childhood seizure disorder in IbadanObajimi, M. O.; Fatunde, O. J.; Ogunseyinde, A. O.; Omigbodun, O. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Joel, R. U.
2015Computerized tomography scan and head injury: the experience in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria. A cross sectional studyAkanji, O. A; Akinola, R. A.; Balogun, B. O.; Akano, A. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Akinkunmi, M. A. N.; Gbolahan, O. G.; Awosanya, G. O. G.
Dec-2003Cranial computerrized tomography in the evaluaaton of stroke patients in IbadanOgunseyinde, A. O.; Atalabi, O. M.
2010Cranial magnetic resonance imaging findings in kwashiorkorAtalabi, O. M.; Lagunju, I. A.; Tongo, O. O.; Akinyinka, O. O.
2006Dermatofibroma of the foot mimicking neurofibroma radiologicallyAgunloye, A. M.; Atalabi, O. M.; Ogunseyinde, A. O.; Obajimi, M. O.; Adeyinka, A. O.
2014Do abnormal findings on Hystero-Salphingographic examination correlate with intensity of procedure associated pain?Atalabi, O. M.; Osinaike, B. B.
2010Early endoscopic realignment of traumatic anterior and posterior urethral disruptions under caudal anaesthesia- a 5-year reviewOlapade-Olaopa, E. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Adekanye, A. O.; Adebayo, S. A.; Onawola, K. A.
2013Entrance surface dose from pediatric diagnostic x-ray examinations in a developing world setting: are we 'ALARA principle' compliant?Atalabi, O. M.; Akinlade, B.; Adekanmi, A. J.; Samuel O. A.
2015Estimation of the risk of cancer associated with pediatric cranial computed tomographyAtalabi, O. M.; Akinlade, B. I.; Adekanmi, A. J.
2015Evaluation of renal blood flow using doppler sonography in children with acute Falciparum malaria in South-Western NigeriaAdekanmi, A. J.; Atalabi, O. M.; Orimadegun, A. E.; Afolabi, N. B.
2013Experience with Sonogram-guided hydrostatic reduction of intussusception children in South-West NigeriaOgundoyin, O. O.; Atalabi, O. M.; Lawal, T. A.; Olulana, D. I.