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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06Assessment of sources and geographical focus of forestry-related news in two Nigerian newspaperAzeez, I.O; Adeniyi, T.E
2013-11Awareness and acceptability of the usefulness and products of jatropha curcas (L.) plant in Kano State, NigeriaUmar, A.F; Azeez, I.O; Popoola, L
2006Challenges of funding forestry education and research for sustainable forestry development in NigeriaAdegeye, A. O; Azeez, I.O
2008Climate change mitigation and the forest sectorAmusa, T.O; Azeez, I.O
2010Determinants of mass participation in community-based forest management in South-western NigeriaFayenuwo, G. A; Azeez, I.O; Popoola, L
2017-06Determinants of proportions of household land used for forestry practice in Southeast NigeriaAzeez, I.O; Onyema, M.C
2015Determinants of unwillingness to practice farm forestry among households in the humid zone of NigeriaOnyema, M.C; Azeez, I.O
2012Determining the local importance of non-timber forest products using two different prioritization techniquesAmusa, T.O; Jimoh, S.O; Azeez, I.O
2017-06Forests and national security in Nigeria: an evaluation of the symboisis and challengesAmusa, T.O; Bada, S.O; Azeez, I.O
2016Influence of Extension Education on Adoption of Forestry Conservation Practices in South Eastern NigeriaOnyema, M.C; Azeez, I.O
2013Influence of sustainable use of environmental goods and services on the green economy goals in African countriesAdewole, N.A; Ogunsanwo, O.Y; Azeez, I.O
2017-06Mangrove forest conservation for sustainable development in Isoko South Local Government Area, Delta State, NigeriaOgeh, T.K; Azeez, I.O; Jimoh, S,K
2016-06Perception of climate change effects on forest-dependent rural livelihoods in Ondo State, NigeriaAzeez, I.O; Jimoh, S.O; Adeniyi, A.B
2013Population distribution and threats to sustainable management of selected non-timber forest Products in tropical lowland rainforests of South Western NigeriaJimoh, S.O; Amusa, T.O; Azeez, I.O
2016Population structure and threats to sustainable management of woody plant species in a semi-arid agro-ecosystem in NigeriaDauda, T.H; Jimoh, S.O; Azeez, I.O
2012Prevalence, utilization and conservation strategies for non-timber forest products in South western zone of NigeriaJimoh, S.O; Amusa, T.O; Azeez, I.O
2013Processing, utilization and challenges of African locust bean (Parkia biglobosa, Jacque Benth) in Arigidi Akoko, Ondo State, NigeriaAdejumo, A.A; Azeez, I.O; Geply, J.J
2007Prospects of involving local communities in Joint Forest Management in Oyo State, NigeriaAmusa, T.O; Azeez, I.O; Jimoh, S.O
2009Sanmora: sustainable forest managementPopoola, L; Bamidele, J; Jimoh, S; Azeez, I.O; Fayomi, G; Shoroye, O; Ayansina, M; Adewusi, H.G
2013Socio-economic determinants of consumer demand for non-timber forest products in Ogun and Osun States, Southwest NigeriaAmusa, T.O; Jimoh, S.O; Azeez, I.O; Adefalu, L.L; Oladipo, F.O