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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20045-flourouracil vs. beta-aiiadiation in the prevention of pterygium recurrenceBekibele, C. O.; Baiyeroju, A. M.; Ajayi, B. G. K
2003-09Blepharoptosis in Ibadan, NigeriaBaiyeroju, A. M.; Oluwatosin, O. M.
2010Case control study of dry eye and related ocular surface abnormalities in Ibadan, NigeriaBekibele, C. O.; Baiyeroju, A. M.; Ajaiyeoba, A.; Akang, E. E. U.; Ajayi, B. G. K.
2006-06Hunter syndrome: case report and review of literatureOgunbiyi, A.; Adeyinka, A. O.; Ogah, S. O.; Baiyeroju, A. M.
1996-06Non-cardiac surgery and anaesthesia in children with congenital heart diseaseSoyannwo, O. A.; Baiyeroju, A. M.
2005-06Patients' perception of the quality of eye care at the University College Hospital, IbadanAwobem, F. J.; Bekibele, C. O.; Baiyeroju, A. M.
2009Pattern of ophthalmic consult from the ear, nose and throat ward of a tertiary hospitalKomolafe, O. O.; Adeosun, A. A.; Baiyeroju, A. M.
2005-12Service uptake in UCH, Ibandan: a tme flow studyBekibele, C. O.; Baiyeroju, A. M.
2005A sino-orbital scissors foreign bodyBekibele, C. O.; Ogunleye, A. O. A.; Ashaye, A. O.; Baiyeroju, A. M.; Fasina, O.; Sandabe, M. B.; Aluko, A. A.
2008-03Tear function and abnormalities of ocular surface: relationship with subjective symptoms of dry eye in lbadan, NigeriaBekibele, C.O.; Baiyeroju, A. M.; Ajaiyeoba, A. I.; Akang, E. E. U.; Ajayi, B. G. K.
2009-01Visual Impairment from fibrous dysplasia in a middle-aged African man: a case reportBekibele, C. O.; Fasola, O. A.; Okojie, V. N.; Komolafe, O. O.; Oluwasola, O. A.; Emejulu, J. K.; Ajaiyeoba, A. I.; Baiyeroju, A. M.
2003Visual outcome of pressurised bottled drinks related eye injuries in IbadanBekibele, C. O.; Ajayi, B. G. K.; Baiyeroju, A. M.; Ayeni, E. A.
2006-12Visual recovery after cataract surgery in childrenOlusanya, B. A.; Baiyeroju, A. M.; Fajola, A. O.