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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Administration in Kenneth Dike Library: 1948-2011Oyelude, A. A.; Fabunmi, B. A.
2012-11Analysis of differences in private returns to education among Nigerian workersFabunmi, B. A.; Babalola, J. B.
2008Analysis of graduate students' access and utilization of e-learning technology in a Nigerian universityFabunmi, M.; Fabunmi, B. A.; Ewart, E. A.
2012-01Automation planning in an academic libraryFabunmi, B. A.
2011-04Cataloguing in an automated library:policy options for libraries in developing countriesFabunmi, B. A.
2009-07Challenges and prospects of virtual libraries in universities in NigeriaFabunmi, B. A.
2010-06Crimes incidence and control in an academic library: implications for management and policyFabunmi, B. A.
2007-12Differential resource and service needs of children in Edo State public librariesAshoko, F. A.; Fabunmi, B. A.
2006-07Digitization of library resources: challenges and implications for policy and planningFabunmi, B. A.; Paris, M.; Fabunmi, M.
2011-05Disaster control and planning in a universal libraryFabunmi, B. A.
2010-02Evaluation of references in dissertations and theses against the holdings in a university libraryOmoba, F. A.; Fabunmi, B. A.
2009Gender and level of education as determinants of cataloguers' computer information processing skillsFabunmi, B. A.
2010Information sourcing in an automated academic libraryOyelude, A. A.; Fabunmi, B. A.
2013-06An investigation into the awareness, occurrence and preparedness for disaster management in selected academic libraries in Tanzania, East AfricaFabunmi, B. A.
2004Managing libraries for effective services in Nigerian schoolsFabunmi, B. A.
2004Planning the university libraries for effective customer services in NigeriaFabunmi, B. A.
2013-06The role of information and communication technology in development of university education in NigeriaFabunmi, B. A.
2012-12The role of libraries in higher education in AfricaFabunmi, B. A.
2007The roles of librarians in copyright protection in NigeriaFabunmi, B. A.
1997-12Theses information system of the postgraduate school, university of IbadanFabunmi, B. A.